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If We Could Communicate With the Outer Space Life…

You might remember a movie from 2016 called “Arrival”, in the movie, they tried to communicate with extraterrestrials who had arrived on Earth.

Do you think it is a good idea?

Let’s see what scientists think about…

Scientist View on Communicating With Outer Space Life Form

It is a common belief of some scientists that there is outer space life on other planets, and we should communicate with them. However, on the contrary, there are some scientists who think otherwise and consider it to be risky. Consequently, it is important to build good connections with existing life forms on other planets. Prioritising clear communication is vital to avoid any disputes in these interactions.

What Could Really Happen If We Made Direct Contact With an Alien Species?

It is often thought of as a good idea by some scientists to consider a means of communication. This consideration arises in the context of the possibility of the existence of living creatures on planets other than Earth. In other words, it can give valuable insights about the resources available there and the possibility of life on the solar system beside the earth. It can give access to new breakthroughs that can be used to benefit human life. Moreover, healthy communication is the key to new breakthroughs in space exploration.

On the other hand, some scientists argue that it is an inappropriate idea as it could be risky and could result in harmful consequences. Interacting with them would also mean that they might get an idea of our existence, and they too could consider invading our planet. Furthermore, any miscommunication could lead to conflicts, increasing the chances of unrest and rivalries.

Loeb, the Frank B. Baird Jr. Professor of Science, added to the discussions the possibility of aliens not wanting to communicate with us all.

Challenges to Communicating with Extraterrestrials

Jesse Snedeker, a professor of psychology and expert in language, mentioned that a potential challenge to communicating with extraterrestrials is the possibility that such beings may not possess a conceptual system similar to our own.

Moreover, Loeb further expressed that finding evidence of alien life requires funding and support similar to that awarded to large-scale projects such as the search for cosmic gravitational waves or dark matter. “Given the public’s interest in the subject and the implications that it will have for the future of humanity, I think it’s actually non-intelligent on behalf of the scientific community not to engage with a search.”

In our view, maintaining peaceful relationships with non-terrestrial beings is as important as maintaining healthy connections with different cultures on our planet. Any dispute harms and effects both sides, while effective communication can be beneficial to both parties. While keeping in mind the value of effective intelligence, it can help in prospering and achieving new resources for the betterment of both human and outerspace beings.

In conclusion, it is important to maintain healthy bonds with other life forms; however, the values and rights of everyone must be protected to avoid any negative outcomes.

Share your thoughts with MYI News, and let us know in the comment section below what you think of developing connections and interacting with outer space life.



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