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Nawaz Sharif: My First and Last Priority is to Revive the Economy

Nawaz Sharif: My First and Last Priority is to Revive the Economy

Nawaz Sharif Leader of Pakistan Muslim League (N) has said that the journey of development will start from where it ended and my first and last priority on returning home is to restore the economy. Talking to the British and European delegation in London, the leader of Pakistan Muslim League (N) said that my first and last priority is to restore the economy and everyone has to play their role to stabilize Pakistan in the economic field.

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Overseas Pakistani Investment

Nawaz Sharif said that the journey of development will start from where it ended, people will be held accountable by the power of the vote and will take Pakistan out of economic depression, inflation, and unemployment. He appealed to the people living abroad to play their important role in reviving the domestic industry and industries with overseas Pakistani investment and the people of Pakistan will never forgive those who obstruct the development and prosperity of the country.

National Assembly Constituency

On the other hand, the leader of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Maryam Nawaz said that I do not understand whether today is October 8 or October 21, if this is the situation of one constituency today, what will happen on October 21. Addressing the workers in National Assembly Constituency NA 135 in Lahore, Maryam Nawaz said I don’t know where this meeting is starting and where it is ending. She said that on October 21, your leader is my leader. Nawaz Sharif is coming, the person who is coming back on October 21 has seen more days of trouble and fewer days of power for Pakistan and you.

Pakistan-China Economic Corridor

Maryam Nawaz said that in the 76-year history of Pakistan, apart from Nawaz Sharif, there was a prime minister who did not allow the price of anything to increase for four years. He said that cheap electricity, gas, and fertilizer were given by Nawaz Sharif. Inflation was at two percent during his period. And the development projects that he gave in four years. With sit-ins rudeness, and abuse were in front of everyone. He said that during whose tenure did load-shedding end, terrorism end during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure, who built the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor, Orange Line, Metro, road network, motorways, and power plants, for four years which serve the nation why was he remove from office.

Period of Nawaz Sharif

The leader of the Muslim League (N) said put your hands on your hearts. And tell me if Our leader had not been oust by conspiracy in 2017. Would this be the situation of Pakistan today? What would happen? He said that today the contractor of the health care. Has been made by someone else which is the work of Nawaz Sharif. During the period of Nawaz Sharif. Free medicine was given and the health card was made by Nawaz Sharif. He further said that in 2018, Nawaz Sharif. The job of the ministers who remove the clock. And gave the government to the thief was to make fun of them on TV.

Son of This Earth

Maryam Nawaz said I am sadden that there are problems in your homes. Why is Nawaz Sharif remember today. Because there is inflation, unemployment, and problems, Nawaz Sharif will come and this time. Inshallah, he will show it. Because he is the son of this earth, he is the son of this soil. He was not import from outside. He was not launch by anyone with foreign funding. The future is with you, my life and death. Are with you trust our leader is not coming back. The good days of this country are coming back.

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