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Perhaps in your lifetime, individuals will reside on the moon, and then on Mars

NASA is planning how to construct homes on the moon by 2040 through partnerships and 3-D printing


Humanity hasn’t set foot on the Moon in 50 years, but we’re heading back. The first crewed expedition to the moon is scheduled to settle there sometime around 2025 thanks to NASA’s Artemis Programme. And unlike the previous visit, NASA intends to stay for the long haul. With plans for both surface operations and a space station. The agency has also made blueprints for lunar homes public. It is working with an organisation named Icon to make them a reality. Within our lifetimes. If everything goes according to plan, people could be residing in lunar homesteads.

The New York Times reports that NASA plans to start constructing homes on the moon by 2040. Both civilians and astronauts will live in the housing development. NASA intends to send a huge 3D printer to the moon in order to do this. The printer will construct structures layer by layer using lunar concrete, which is composed of moon rocks, mineral shards, and dust.

Project Olympus

Project Olympus is the name of the strategy, and results could be seen as early as 2040. The technology that could someday lead to moon dwellings (that may or may not resemble the above design) is already being developed by Icon. It employs 3D printers to build homes on Earth more quickly and sustainably than it would using conventional techniques. This construction method may be a perfect example of in-situ resource utilisation (ISRU), as NASA has previously indicated. This entails making use of local resources rather than hauling everything from elsewhere.

NASA would start by sending a sizable 3D printer to the Moon. On Earth, Icon’s printers have shown their worth, but in space? The majority of spacecraft hardware is built to be radiation and temperature resistant from the ground up. According to The New York Times, NASA will launch the Icon printer into a specialised test chamber at Marshall Space Flight Centre early in 2019. The extreme radiation and vacuum that the printer will encounter on the Moon will be present there.

NASA’s Director

Niki Werkheiser, NASA’s director of technology maturation, stated, “We’re at a turning point, and in some respects it feels like a dream sequence. In some respects, it seems inevitable that we would arrive here. Ms. Werkheiser, who grew up in Franklin, Tennessee, where her family had a small construction company, directs the development of new software, equipment, and robotics for upcoming space missions.

The playing field is considerably larger than it was during the Apollo missions because NASA is more willing than ever to collaborate with academics and business leaders, according to Ms Werkheiser. “I believe we will succeed because we have the right people in the right place at the right time with a common objective.


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