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Claudia Goldin wins Nobel Prize in Economics

Claudia Goldin wins Nobel Prize in Economics

Claudia Goldin won Nobel Prize in Economics for research on wage inequality Claudia Goldin, an economic historian at Harvard University, has been awarded the 2023 Nobel Prize in Economics for her work on the causes of wage and labor inequality between men and women. According to the report of the foreign news agency “Reuters”, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said that this prize is the last of this year’s Nobel Prizes and is worth about 1 million dollars.

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Winner of this Year’s Nobel Prize

Claudia Goldin, winner of this year’s Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, has produced the first comprehensive work on women’s wages and their contribution to the labor market over the centuries, the Royal Swedish Academy said. Along with explaining the reasons, the main reasons for gender discrimination have also been exposed.

Economics Award

It should note that this year the economics award was the last on the list of Nobel Prizes, where previously the discoveries of the global pandemic coronavirus vaccine, the discoverers of atomic snapshots and quantum dots, as well as a Norwegian playwright and an Iranian journalist. Have  award Nobel Prizes. Claudia Golden is the third woman to win the Nobel Prize in Economics and the first woman to win the prize alone, not with anyone else. She called the decision ‘an award for big ideas and lasting change’. She said that there is still a big gap between women and men in terms of the work they do and the way they get paid. Claudia Goldin said the question is why and that’s what my work is about.

Economic History of American

A 1990 book on the economic history of American women is important for understanding the gender gap. And examining wage inequality over 200 years. Is consider a researcher and I wrote an article call “The Economist as a Researcher” many years ago. Claudia Golden said that I have been a researcher since I was young. Randy Hjalmar’s son, a member of the Economic Prize Committee, said Claudia Golden’s discoveries have broad societal implications.

Works by Claudia Golden

“They tell us that the nature of the problem. Or the source of the gender gap. Changes throughout history and throughout development” Randy Hjalmar’s son said. By naming we can have a better way forward. It should clear that in most of the world. It is illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of gender. But women still paid less than men. Works by Claudia Golden have reveal that progress has made in reducing the gap over the past decades, but there is little evidence that it will close completely soon.

Winning the Nobel Prize

It should note that only two women have previously won the Nobel Prize in the field of economics. Eleanor Ostrom and Esther Duflo. Speaking on a recording post on the Nobel website. Claudia Goldin said that after winning the Nobel Prize. The first thing I did when I hear was tell my husband, who ask what he could do. “I told them to take the dog out and make tea. Because I had to prepare for the press conference,” said Claudia Goldin.

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