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Epidemic Prevention: Pakistani Female Expert

Epidemic Prevention: Pakistani Female Expert

Epidemic Prevention Expert Dr. Nadia Noreen conducts special workshops to train workers at Pakistan’s entry points, especially ports, to enable them to apply hygiene principles and prevent the spread of epidemics. Islamabad-based Dr. Nadia Noreen works as a field epidemiologist in the Ministry of Health and plays an important role in breaking down gender barriers in Pakistan. She has done post-graduation from Pakistan Field Epidemiology Training Program (FELTP) and is an active member of Public Health Innovation Network “TaffyNet”. The network conducts training programs worldwide to protect the general public from health hazards.

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Focal Person for International Health Regulation

Currently, Dr. Nadia Noreen is working as Focal Person for International Health Regulation for Border Health Services in the Ministry of Health. The department is responsible for preventing the spread of viral infections at Pakistan’s entry points and across the border, including port entry points. In an interview with DW, he said, “Ports around the world serve as hubs for trade and international communication, but seaport entry points are prone to outbreaks of epidemics due to the neglect of hygiene rules.” can cause.” According to him, ports in Pakistan also face multiple challenges as entry points, the importance of continuous monitoring of which was further highlighted after the global epidemic of Corona.

Sphere of Life

He further said, “This epidemic had a profound impact on every sphere of life. The epidemic was a test case for the public health sector in Pakistan, with trained and trained personnel on the front line to prevent the spread of epidemics.” The importance of skilled staff was also evident.

International Standard Ports

Talking to DW, Dr. Nadia Noreen said that Karachi Port, Bin Qasim and Gwadar are three international standard ports in Pakistan, which means that these ports are designed according to International Health Regulation and it is the standard of cleanliness in ships. She further points out that in the last three to four decades, with the growth of international trade, the spread of Epidemic Prevention across borders has emerged as a major challenge for both developed and developing countries. In order to deal with this, it is necessary to apply the principles of hygiene at the entry points effectively.

International Health Regulations

According to Dr. Nadia, “Efforts are underway to provide basic health care at eighteen points of entry into Pakistan, but many places lack logistical and other resources, especially trained personnel. These locations include the three ports of Pakistan, which are the main hub of international trade activities. Dr. Nadia told Deutsche Welle that ensuring diversity and equity in the implementation of the International Health Regulations (IHR) is essential to protect local and global populations. For this purpose, conducting training workshops for personnel at the seaport is part of their responsibilities. In this way, the participants of the workshops are provided with basic knowledge and skills so that they can develop effective strategies to prevent viral infections in due course.

Training of Trainers

Dr. Nadia further explains that in the second phase these workshop participants will train other workers at the ports hence these workshops have been named “Training of Trainers”. This health expert says that due to these measures, it has helped a lot in increasing the manpower at the entry points of the ports and making it possible to apply hygiene norms as per international standards.

She says that it is very important to apply hygiene and sanitation. According to international standards at the entry points of Pakistani ports. Such pilot workshops are helping the port better deal with

Emergencies Related to Virus Outbreaks or Pandemics

emergencies arising from the spread of a virus or pandemic. They also help foster a culture of performance improvement among port workers.  Dr. Nadia says that she has conducted such training sessions at other entry points in Pakistan. According to him, TaffyNet has train 23 thousand workers in 80 countries.  With the help of the Center of Disease Control and Prevention of America. This highly trained staff includes 286 epidemiologists from Pakistan. Who are playing an important role in preventing the spread of epidemics worldwide.

Health Sector

Dr. Nadia told Deutsche Welle that working as a field epidemiologist has been an enjoyable experience. She says that Pakistan still has a lot of work to do. In terms of frontline response and emergency preparedness in the health sector.

Her journey as an epidemiologist is a beacon for Pakistani women. That women can make a name for themselves in any field if they are determine.

Karachi Seaport

According to Dr. Nadia, the working Epidemic Prevention environment for women at Karachi Seaport is very pleasant. A woman medical officer has been serving as Port Health Officer for over a year. Dr. Nadia herself has playing a leadership role. At this port for the past three years and believes that it is important to foster. Such an environment in every sector in Pakistan. Where skills and experience are focus on work rather than gender. Importance should given.

Positive Environment

Dr. Nadia says that Epidemic Prevention promoting gender diversity in the workplace is not only beneficial for women. Individually but also plays a key role in the overall development of organizations and the country. According to him, by encouraging more women to pursue careers in non-traditional fields. It will possible to create a pleasant and positive environment in every sphere of life. Which will inevitably improve the performance of institutions.

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