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Amazon Warehouse Workers Face Terrible Conditions

Amazon Warehouse Workers Face Terrible Conditions in Saudi Arabia

Amazon warehouse Migrant Workers in Saudi Arabia are living in “deplorable” and appalling conditions, Amnesty International said in a report on Tuesday. Migrant workers working in Amazon’s warehouses in Saudi Arabia are constantly exposed to on-the-job safety hazards and theft of their hard-earned wages. Human rights group Amnesty International has said that labor supply companies have also threatened to impose heavy fines on employees who want to shorten the duration of their contracts with their employers. Thus, these workers are effectively trapped in the Gulf state.

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Economic & Social Justice

Steve Cockburn, head of economic and social justice at Amnesty, said: “Workers thought they were taking advantage of a golden opportunity with Amazon, but instead they face abuse, which “Many people are traumatize,” he add, adding, “The severity of the abuse that many of the people we interviewed were aimed at exploiting the workers.” Therefore, it can consider equivalent to human trafficking. The Illegal Immigrant who stay at Amazon Warehouse is very terribal condition.

Saudi Capital Riyadh

Amnesty said the report included facts from the testimonies of 22 men from Nepal who work in warehouses in the Saudi capital Riyadh or the Red Sea coastal city of Jeddah until 2021. According to Cockburn, Amnesty suspects that “hundreds more workers being subject to similar appalling and abusive treatment.” Amnesty has accuse recruitment agents and two Saudi labor supply companies of defrauding migrant workers. Allegedly, the workers who thought they would hire directly by Amazon took out huge loans to pay the recruitment fees. Illegal Migrants stay at Amazon Warehouse.

Overcrowded Accommodation Amazon Warehouse

However, Amnesty said that upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, they encountered “extremely dirty and overcrowd accommodation”. Sometimes they even experience pests like bedbugs as well as terrible working conditions due to constant supervision and inadequate rest, which sometimes results in them getting injure or sick.”

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

According to Amnesty International, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s “kafala system”. For foreign workers means that if workers want to leave their warehouse jobs. They have to struggle and face possible “absconding” charges. There is a risk of arrest. Amnesty added that some workers are fed up with the situation and “think about suicide.”

Amnesty International Said About Amazon Warehouse

“I tried to jump over the wall, I try to kill myself.” One activist, known as Dev, told the human rights group. I told my mom and she said don’t do it, we will get a loan. It has been eight months since he took the loan and the interest is now accruing. Amnesty International has call on Amazon warehouse. To compensate the affect workers and investigate working conditions along its supply chain.

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