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U.S: The Google Search Engine Now Allows You to Create AI Images

Using generative AI images in search bar, discover new ways to get inspired


Search has long been a resource where you may get answers to your questions about life, no matter how big or small. And as AI has developed, we’ve kept coming up with easier and more intelligent ways to assist you in finding insightful information and understanding it. We’re experimenting with new methods to help you accomplish more when you search, such as creating an image that can help bring a concept to life or getting assistance with a written draught when you need a beginning point.

A new function added to Google’s search engine allows users in the United States who have elected to use the experimental Search Generative Engine (SGE) to produce graphics using text prompts.

Just Picture it

There are occasions when you may be looking for a particular photograph but are unable to locate it. Or perhaps you have a concept but need some assistance seeing it. So starting today, we’re offering our generative AI-powered Search experience (SGE), which lets users create images. Consider creating a card for a buddy who enjoys baking and whose favourite animal is the capybara. For example, if you type in “draw a picture of a capybara wearing a chef’s hat and cooking breakfast,” SGE will return up to four generated photos.

As part of this experiment, you might also notice an opportunity to immediately upload AI-generated photographs to Google photographs if you’ve chosen to participate in SGE. This feature is intended to come up while you’re looking for ideas, such as “minimalist halloween table settings” or “spooky dog house ideas.”

Artificial Intelligence

We understand the necessity to integrate AI in a prudent manner, even though it can lead to new and exciting possibilities. In order to prevent the production of images that violate our forbidden use policy for generative AI, such as those that include harmful or deceptive content, we are incorporating security measures into this experience. Additionally, every image produced by SGE will include embedded watermarking and metadata labelling to show that it was produced by AI. The ability to generate images is only accessible to those who opted into the SGE experiment and who are 18 years of age or older in the United States and only in the English language.

Additionally, a new tool called About this image will make evaluating the context and reliability of photographs simple for users. For instance, it might display the date that Google may have first seen a similar version of this image or other web pages that use the same image, such as news or fact-checking websites.

Search with SGE

You can find yourself looking for writing inspiration and ideas while conducting research for a subject or topic in Search. We’re integrating written draughts in SGE to help with these more drawn-out searches. You can cut the draught down or adjust the tone to sound more informal. For instance, you might be researching home remodelling tasks like how to turn your garage into a home office. You can ask SGE to “Write a note to a contractor asking for a quote to turn my garage into a home office” if you’ve found useful ideas online and contractors you’d like to contact.

When you’re ready to add that unique touch, it’s simple to export your sketch to Google Docs or Gmail from there. Furthermore, you can rest easy knowing that this export feature is still protected by Google Workspace’s privacy policies.

This new feature, which will be available to individuals who opted into the SGE experiment in English in the U.S., will enable you to receive even more assistance as you search.


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