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Emergency Landing of an Air India Airplane in Karachi

Emergency Landing of an Air India Airplane in Karachi

Emergency Landing at Karachi Airport due to medical problems. A passenger aboard a plane of India’s state-owned airline ‘Air India’ had to make an emergency landing at Karachi Airport due to medical problems. On this flight from Dubai to Amritsar, a passenger started having epileptic seizures. Indian Airlines flight IX192 was coming from Dubai to the Indian city of Amritsar when a passenger’s health deteriorated, and due to this, he had to make an emergency landing at the Karachi airport.

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No Air Connection

It should be noted that the relations between the two countries have been so strained for the last few years that there is no air connection between the two countries. However, during the last few years, it has happened many times that many planes from Indian airlines have been landing in Pakistan. A spokesperson for Air India Express told Indian media that a passenger on a flight from Dubai to Amritsar had experienced a severe disturbance, due to which the captain of the flight contacted the Pakistani air traffic controller after getting permission to land his plane. Turned towards Karachi Airport.

Medical Treatment

According to reports, the passenger was suffering from epileptic seizures and the condition was so serious that he needed immediate medical attention, so the flight made an emergency landing in Karachi. However, other passengers were not allowed to disembark. The flight took off from Dubai around 8 AM local time and reached Karachi at 12:30 AM local time. Doctors at the airport treated the patient and then the flight left for India.

Dubai-Amritsar Flight

An Indian Airlines spokesperson said, “A guest on board our Dubai-Amritsar flight experienced a sudden medical complication, and the crew chose to divert to Karachi, as it was the closest to providing immediate medical attention.” It was the location. The spokesperson further said that the doctor of Karachi Airport provided the required medicine to the passenger and then after medical examination, the medical team of the airport allowed the flight again.

Karachi Airport Authorities

After the incident, the airline’s spokesperson thanked the local authorities at the Karachi airport for their assistance. “We would like to thank the local authorities at Karachi Airport for their prompt response and assistance,” the spokesperson added. Many times, in the past, Indian passenger planes have landed at Karachi Airport due to medical emergencies or technical problems. In July last year, a passenger plane of India’s. Largest airline, IndiGo, had to make an emergency landing at the airport of the port city of Karachi. In the neighboring country of Pakistan due to a technical problem. This ship was going from Sharjah to the Indian city of Hyderabad.

Indian Private Airline SpiceJet

In another similar incident in July last year. A passenger plane of the Indian private airline SpiceJet had to make an emergency landing in Karachi. This plane was a Boeing 737-type plane. And its fuel detection system had partially stopped working. After which the pilot requested an emergency landing from the control tower of Karachi Airport.

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