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Man Arrested After Faking Heart Attack in 20 Restaurants

Dining out at restaurants can be a delightful experience, but it seems that for one man, it has become a rather deceitful endeavor. A 50-year-old Lithuanian man, affectionately dubbed the “gastrojeta” by locals, has recently been arrested in Spain for an unusual and costly dining habit. His modus operandi? Pretending to have heart attacks to elude paying the bill.

The El Buen Comer Incident

In the most recent episode of his dining deception, the man dined at a restaurant named El Buen Comer. His order included a sumptuous seafood paella and two whiskeys, amounting to approximately $36.80. However, when it was time to settle the bill, he attempted to make a hasty exit without paying. The restaurant staff was quick to catch on and confronted the deceptive diner.

Facing an Unpaid Bill

As the restaurant staff insisted on receiving payment, the man resorted to a seemingly bizarre tactic. He claimed to have left his wallet in his hotel room and urgently needed to retrieve it to pay the bill. When the staff declined to let him leave without settling the tab, he took a more drastic step.

The Heart Attack Ruse

In a desperate move, the man feigned a heart attack to divert attention and sympathy. However, instead of summoning medical help, the restaurant staff decided to involve the authorities. They alerted the police, who promptly arrived on the scene.

A Familiar Face to Local Authorities

What makes this story particularly remarkable is that this was not the first time the man had employed this ruse. In fact, he had reportedly used the heart attack deception in nearly 20 different restaurants over the past year. His penchant for such trickery had earned him a reputation among local establishments.

Sharing His Image Among Restaurants

To prevent further scams, local restaurants began sharing his image and details to ensure that they wouldn’t fall victim to his ruse. As a result, when he attempted his routine act at El Buen Comer, his picture was already familiar to the staff.

Arrest and Uncertain Future

Upon the arrival of the police, the man’s elaborate dining charade came to an end. Given his history of deception and repeated attempts to evade paying for his meals, he was promptly arrested. However, the details of his prison sentence or release status remain unclear.

The “gastrojeta” saga serves as a bizarre reminder of the lengths to which some individuals will go to avoid their financial responsibilities. While dining out is an enjoyable pastime, honesty and integrity remain fundamental values in society. In this curious case, a desire to escape a bill led to a string of heart attack theatrics, ultimately culminating in the man’s arrest. It underscores the importance of ethical conduct and the consequences of attempting to deceive others for personal gain, even in the realm of dining out.



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