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Sakharov Prize of the European Union, Named after Mahsa Amini

Sakharov Prize of the European Union, Named after Mahsa Amini

Sakharov Prize for Human Rights was awarded posthumously to Kurdish woman Gina Mehsa Amini and the movement for women’s lives and freedoms that began in Iran after her death. The European Union’s prestigious award went to the Kurdish woman who died in detention in Iran and the movement that started after her. The prize is awarded by the European Parliament to individuals and groups defending human rights.

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Who was Jenna Mehsa Amini?

Amini was arrest by Iran’s morality police in September 2022 for allegedly inappropriately wearing a hijab. 22-year-old Mehsa Amini died in custody. Iranian authorities claim that his death was due to an unknown pre-existing medical condition. Amini was from the Kurdish-majority city of Saqiz in western Iran. His death sparked nationwide protests against the Tehran government. Hundreds of protesters were killed in the crackdown. That followed, while many are still under arrest.

European Parliament President

After announcing the winner of the award, European Parliament President Roberta Metsula said Amini’s death was “a turning point”. “It has given rise to a women-led movement that is making history,” he said, adding that the movement stood for women’s “dignity and freedom in Iran.” He said the award was “a tribute to the brave women, men, and youth of Iran, who are moving forward for change.”

CCTV Footage

Earlier this month, human rights activists accused the moral police of beating a 16-year-old girl while riding the Tehran metro. CCTV footage of the incident also emerge. Showing a girl being forcibly drag from a subway train. In September, human rights groups claim that Iranian authorities blamed Amini’s family for her death. The first anniversary was stop.

What is the Sakharov Prize of the European Union?

The prize is award by the European Parliament to individuals. And groups defending freedom of thought and human rights. It is name after the Soviet physicist, political dissident. And 1975 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Andrei Sakharov. Other finalists for the 2023 Sakharov Prize included Vilma Nunez Escorcia from Nicaragua. And Bishop Rolando Jose Alvarez from Lagos. As well as Mufti, Morena Herrera from El Salvador, and Colleen McNichols from the US.

Russian war

Last year’s Sakharov Prize was award to the people of Ukraine. For “protecting democracy, freedom, and the rule of law” during the Russian war. It should note that this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Was given to Iranian human rights activist Nargis Mohammadi. Mohammadi has detaine in Iran for the past two years.

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