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There are no nutritional advantages of toddler milk, Report says

According to a recent report, toddler milk isn't necessary or nutritious for children or infants


Strong, healthy growth is what all good parents desire for their child. Kelly Henchel was interested in learning more about this new toddler milk product in 1998 when her child was almost ready for childhood. She asked about whether it was worthwhile to purchase from a employee of one of the formula firms. With a straight face, he informed me that it was all just marketing. It was preferable to continue using my baby formula. Henchel is one of many paediatricians that advise against using “toddler milk”. Serving as the medical director of the paediatric and childrens medicine clinics at Johns Hopkins All Children’s.

American Academy of Pediatrics

In a research released on Friday, the American Academy of Paediatrics suggested that. “Formulas” marketed to children aged six to thirty-six months had no nutritional advantages. Jenelle Ferry, a neonatologist and the director of feeding, nutrition, and newborn development at Pediatrix Medical Group in Florida. She stated that the term “toddler formula” is deceptive. For infants who are unable to get human mother’s milk. Ferry claims that toddler milk is not necessary for this age group and is not the same as infant milk.

A representative for Abbott Nutrition, which makes a well-known brand of toddler formula. Responded to the recent AAP report by saying, “National health studies indicate that U.S. toddler have nutritional gaps in their diet often related to picky eating.” In situations when toddler struggle to adjust to table foods or refuse milk. Our toddler drinks offer essential elements including vitamins and minerals. May be lacking in their diet. Toddler beverages could be a good choice for these 12- to 36 month old kids to help close nutritional deficits.

World Health Organization

The concept that toddler formula is nutritionally advantageous to toddlers has been promoted by commercials for decades. The investigation reveals that this is deceptive to parents. Last year that described the aggressive internet marketing strategies used by formula milk businesses to promote their goods. Companies posting misleading health claims about milk replacements on social media groups and advice forums. Targeted at expectant parents and new mothers was one of the policies mentioned by the WHO.

A May study published in Nutrition Reviews found that many women. Those from Black and Hispanic communities, think toddler milk is more nutrient-dense than cow’s milk. Toddler milk is also higher in fat and lower in protein, even though it costs more.


The toddler formula market is expanding even though paediatricians and professional associations are becoming increasingly concerned. According to a 2020 study published in Public Health Nutrition, the company’s marketing approach and product design. Which copy infant formula, helped boost sales from $39 million in 2006 to $92 million in 2015. “We advise against referring to them as formulas. Lead author of the latest AAP study and paediatric gastroenterologist George Fuchs stated. “This is a disservice to children and their parents.” “It suggests a range of formula starting at birth and continuing until the child is three or four years old.”



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