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Cyclone Tej Intensifies into ‘Severe Cyclonic Storm’

The Met Office recently warned of Cyclone Tej intensifying into a ‘Severe Cyclonic Storm’ in the Southwest Arabian Sea. Formerly Cyclonic Storm Tej, it has grown stronger and now moves west-northwest. Initially, it was 750 kilometers southeast of Oman, expected to strengthen further, causing concern among meteorologists and coastal communities.

Cyclone Tej’s Location and Potential Impact

At the time of the announcement, Cyclone Tej was about 1850 kilometers southwest of Karachi and 1670 kilometers south of Gwadar, Pakistan. Initially, forecasts indicated it wouldn’t directly impact Pakistan’s coast. It marks the second cyclonic storm in the Arabian Sea this year, following the regional cyclone naming tradition.

Uncertainty in Cyclone Paths

Meteorologists warn cyclonic storms can be highly unpredictable, potentially changing their paths and strengths. Earlier this year, Cyclone Biparjoy formed in the Arabian Sea, initially moving north-northwest but ultimately changing course to make landfall between Sindh, Pakistan, and Gujarat, India.

The Current Path and Diverging Models

Most weather models currently indicate Cyclone Tej is heading toward the Yemen-Oman coast, relatively good news for Pakistan’s coastal areas. However, one model suggests a potential change in direction, raising concerns it might head toward Sindh and Gujarat. Regional meteorological authorities closely monitor the situation for any developments.

Preparedness and Safety Measures

Given the cyclone’s unpredictability, coastal communities, especially in Pakistan and India, must stay vigilant and prepared for potential impacts. Safety measures, early warning systems, and evacuation plans should be in place to protect lives and property.

Cyclone Tej’s intensification into a ‘Severe Cyclonic Storm’ in the Arabian Sea serves as a reminder of the ever-present threat of natural disasters in the region. While the current trajectory appears to spare Pakistan’s coastal areas, the situation remains fluid and subject to change. It’s crucial for meteorological authorities and local communities to stay informed and ready to respond to any unexpected developments in Cyclone Tej’s path and strength.



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