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First Case Against a Member of the EU by Italy

First Case Against a Member of the EU by Italy

First case against an EU member state filed by Italy. For the first time, Italy has decided to take legal action against a fellow EU member state. The government of female prime minister Georgia Maloney will take the action against Austria, which has caused a pass in the Alps Mountain range.

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European Court of Justice

According to reports from Rome, the Italian capital, and Vienna, the Austrian capital, the Maloney government has decided to file a lawsuit against the Austrian Republic of the Alps over the movement of cargo trucks passing through the Brenner Pass between the two countries. Because of the restrictions imposed. The case filed by Italy against Austria will be heard by the European Court of Justice. Before the latest decision of the Italian government in this regard, several other countries, including Austria’s neighboring country Germany, have protested against the restrictions imposed by Vienna on freight trucks passing through the Brenner Pass.

The position of the Italian Minister of Transport

Matteo Salvini, Minister of Transport of the Maloney government in Italy, said that the restrictions imposed by the Vienna government on trucks passing through the Brenner Pass are a kind of “transit ban”. Therefore, for the first time in its history, Italy has decided to take legal action against a state that, like Italy, is also a member of the European Union.

Southern German state of Bavaria

Not only this, but due to these restrictions, very long queues of freight trucks passing through the Brenner Pass are also hampering freight movement between the southern German state of Bavaria and Tyrol in Austria. That is why Austria has been threatened with legal action by Bavaria.

Answer from the Austrian Minister of Transport

In his response to Italy’s announcement of legal action against his country at the European Court of Justice, Austrian Transport Minister Leonore Geissler defended his ministry’s actions, saying that whatever steps Vienna took were urgent and urgent. Done under compulsion. He also invited other countries to hold talks with Austria on how agreed measures could be taken regarding transit trucks passing through the Brenner Pass.

Austrian Press Agency

“Instead of threatening legal action every week, the correct course of action would be to negotiate on this issue,” said Leonore Giesler, speaking to the Austrian Press Agency. “Italy may not be able to comply with its extreme demand that all restrictions imposed on Brenner Pass transit traffic in Tyrol be lifted,” he said.

Brenner Pass transit traffic is key

Austria is a republic locate in the European Alps. A member of both the European Union and its Schengen zone. But in history first time First Case Against EU Member Country. There are several passes in the Alps Mountain range. Where the Vienna government has serious concerns about the damage to the natural environment. Cause by heavy traffic. The Austrian government decide to limit the number of freight trucks passing through the Brenner Pass. Because it said the dramatic increase in commercial freight. Was causing severe social and environmental impacts there.

First Case
The EU has had to step in to assist the shipwrecked migrants that Italy has refused to take in. Bernd Riegert says this highlights the failures of the EU’s migration policy.

Brenner Pass

A proof of this is that if the number of freight trucks and trawlers passing through this mountain pass. As transit in 2000 was 1.1 million. By last year this number has more than double to 2.5 million trucks. Was As for the annual volume of commercial freight through this pass. 40 percent of the goods and products transport across the Alps. Each year transit through the Brenner Pass.

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