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Germany: Depression on the Rise in Over-Sixty-Year-Olds

Germany: Depression on the Rise in Over-Sixty-Year-Olds

Germany Depression Arise in sixty year old. The results of a recent review revealed that depression is on the rise in people over the age of sixty in Germany. Over a 10-year period, a twenty-seven percent increase in the rate of depression was seen among people aged sixty to seventy-two.

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Health Insurance Company

According to reports from the northern German city of Hanover, the public health review was completed with the help of KKH, a nationwide health insurance company. The results of this review revealed that the prevalence of various types of depression among senior citizens in the country has become much higher than in the past. In particular, residents between the ages of 60 and 69, who experienced one or more attacks of depression according to a regular medical diagnosis, had a 27 percent higher rate in 2021 than the rate recorded in 2011.

Experts Emphasize Treatment

Two years ago, the proportion of such senior citizens suffering from depression was 21.8 percent. This means that almost one in five men or women of this age group have experienced depression. On the contrary, the rate of depression among residents aged 70 to 79 years increased by 14% compared to 2011 to 19.8% in 2021.

Depression is the Second Most Common illness after Dementia

According to the German public health insurance company KKH. The medical survey, which use detail health data from thousands of patients over a decade. Also revealed that depression in old age is the second most common cause of dementia. Among elderly people in Germany. Is the most commonly diagnosed disease. “Instead of thinking about depression when looking for causes, consider factors such as depression, inability to concentrate, and excessive fatigue,” noted Dr. Piech. Thiel Lippels, a specialist at KKK. “It is also common for people with depression. To have additional problems such as stomach upset. Headaches, or loss of appetite,” he said., which makes the clinical diagnosis of depression. In old age even more difficult in many cases.”

Medical Survey

In light of the results of this survey. Medical experts have emphasize that most elderly people. Try to hide their feelings. And if they say anything, it is only that their body is in pain. Consequently, all family members should keep their eyes and ears open to recognize changes. In the health and condition of their elders and act accordingly. And condition of their elders in time and can contact a physician in time,” he said.

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