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Life on Earth “Threatened” by Climate Change, Scientists said

Life on Earth “Threatened” by Climate Change, Scientists said

Life of Earth decrease due to Climate change Scientist said. Leading scientists have warned that climate change is becoming an “existential threat” to life on Earth. According to the report of the foreign news agency “AFP”, 2023 will be the hottest year on record where all parts of the earth have been engulfed by severe heat waves or many other areas have been affected by floods.

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Scientific Journal Bioscience

In a new report published in the scientific journal Bioscience, the group of researchers said that the fact that we are surprised by the worst climate change events in 2023, and we fear the unknown territory we have now entered. He said that humans have not made significant progress in curbing the emissions of greenhouse gases that warm our planet, where greenhouse gases are at record levels and subsidies for fossil fuels have increased in the past year.

Alarming Assessment

It should be noted that this alarming assessment comes just a month before the climate talks at the World Conference on Climate Change in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates. We must take steps to decouple our view of the climate emergency from the environmental problem, the threat to the existence of life, the researchers said. The climate-related study looked at recent data on the vital signs of 35 planets and found that 20 of them had record highs this year.

Climate Change Service

The European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service said the three months before September were the warmest on record, the warmest in nearly 120,000 years. Many climate records, especially ocean temperatures, have been broken by a large margin in 2023, the report said. Potentially serious impacts include threats to marine life and coral reefs and increased intensity of major storms, the report said. The people of the planet have faced heat waves and droughts this year, while severe floods have also wreaked havoc in the US, China, India, and other countries.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The report said record wildfires in Canada are link to climate change, emitting more carbon dioxide than the country’s total 2021 greenhouse gas emissions. Experts in the report said that before 2023, global temperature days were 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. The report states that the 1.5C target in the Paris Agreement will be review over decades. But William Ripple, a professor at Oregon State University and the report’s lead author, said we are entering a period where annual temperatures are likely to reach or exceed the level that climate feedback loops and tipping points have. Will expose to dangers.

Global Systems

Climate change may be impossible to reverse once tipping points cross.” Said Tim Lenton, director of the Global Systems Institute at the University of Exeter. The solution involves more than just reducing damage. But also reducing emissions and stopping the temperatures from rising.” He said, referring to some of the tipping points.

Extreme Weather & Life on Earth

He said that every part of Centigrade matters and there is still a lot to done. The report says that by the end of the century, 3 to 6 billion people could be in dire straits. The co-author said many world leaders have favor business. As usual instead of creating policies to stop climate change and sustain life on Earth. “We expect that the recent extreme weather events will help policymakers. At the upcoming climate conference to reduce fossil fuel emissions. And increase funding for climate adaptation,” he said.

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