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75 thousand IT Graduates will be Centralized Examined

75 thousand IT Graduates will be Centralized Examined

75 thousand IT graduates who pass every year from Pakistan will be conducted centralized examination by Higher Education Commission. Successful candidates will be offered a job after the internship. Caretaker Federal Minister for Information Technology Dr. Umar Saif has said that steps have been taken to meet the shortage of talented and skilled people in the information technology industry.

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Universities of Pakistan

Dr. Umar Saif, while holding a press conference with caretaker Information Minister Murtaza Solangi in Islamabad, said that every year the universities of Pakistan produce 75 thousand information technology graduates, I thought that maybe we produce 20 to 25 thousand graduates but among them. There are only 2500 to 3000 who can be hired by IT companies immediately.

Software Developers

He said that an IT graduate or a software developer, if his quality is not good enough to pay 28 to 30 dollars per hour globally, then they are not even recruit by these companies, it is not like the world. In India the demand for software is low, India’s IT industry is worth $150 billion so it is not a lack of demand but we have a shortage of skilled people and graduates even though our universities are producing 75 thousand graduates every year.

Higher Education Commission

He said that now we are going to change the entire system together with the Higher Education Commission and we are bringing two or three major changes to it, one is that IT graduates in Pakistan should take a standardized test through HEC. They will test and those who pass this test will  given a compulsory internship with the IT industry, so a centralize test of 75 thousand graduates will conduct, and those who pass will given a job after doing an internship.

National Computing and Education Accreditation Council

The caretaker information technology minister said that this will help in solving the problem of the shortage of people that we are facing. They have started to make a big change in their education system. He said that these exams will  administer by the National Computing and Education Accreditation Council, an organization of higher education, these tests will held in all universities and the first exam in this series will held in December, it will taken six months before graduation and In the last semester, it will necessary for students to spend 70% of their time in the IT industry so that they get practical experience.

IT industry

He said that together with New Tech, we are going to train 16,000 people this year in the IT skills that are in high demand in the world so that when the IT industry gets these skills. She will be able to go out and get big contracts. Umar Saif said that one of the developers we are training earns $60,000 to $70,000 a year, so if you multiply that by $16,000, it will be a huge amount. If we are going to train people, in the next two years we want to train 200,000 people to join the IT industry.

Special Certification

He said that a software developer graduating from a university with no special certification can earn $25,000, $200,000 means an additional $5 billion in revenue potential for the IT sector. He said that thanks to this new initiative, 10,000 to 15,000 people will train every year to provide talented people to IT companies.


The caretaker minister for Information Technology said. That there are a large number of freelancers in Pakistan. And more than 1.5 million people. Are freelancing from home on the Internet, some are earning $10 a day. Some are earning $30 and 1.5 million. People say that Pakistan has the second-largest online workforce in the world.

Online Workforce

He said that despite having such a large online workforce. These people are not able to earn regularly as per their potential. And there are many reasons for this, we are launching a huge program. We have put in place an employment program. Under which we are going to give interest-free loans to the private sector. According to the judge. All the shopping buildings and offices that are lying vacant should convert into e-employment centers.

Foreign Exchange

He said that the government will provide loans for this so that the private sector. Can transfer their work to e-employment centers. And our target is to create a workspace for five lakh freelancers for this. The government will provide loans. Do, train, and provide train personnel to facilitate all these freelancers. He said that if 500,000 people earn 30 dollars a day. They can earn 10 billion dollars annually. Which will earn the country a lot of money in terms of foreign exchange. And we will not need any kind of investment.

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