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ADHD: The Mental Illness That ‘Can’t Sit for More Than 10 Minutes’

ADHD: The Mental Illness That “Can’t Sit for More Than 10 Minutes”

ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a mental sickness. “Remembering song lyrics, remembering singers, actors or movie names, rules of games, these are things that children usually memorize, but I couldn’t remember them all.” “No matter how unsuccessful a person is in life, no one likes to be called a liar or disrespected for those things that seem so easy to see, but a good-looking person is unable to do.”

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Focus Problem

You must have come across many people who can’t focus on work despite being explained, forget things frequently, can’t set their priorities, miss deadlines, and get bored easily. and that’s why they have to listen to harsh words from parents or teachers.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

These symptoms, which are usually ignored, indicate a mental condition that is medically known as “ADHD” (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and 35-year-old Adeel has also been affected by it since childhood. Regarding his childhood, Adeel told the news agency that he never sat still and asked questions a lot, but remembering was a problem. My oldest sister suspected something was wrong with me not being able to sit still or focus and asking a lot of questions. He also felt that if there was any fight or argument in the house, I completely zoned out.

“Sitting for more than 10 minutes does not work”

Before knowing more challenges of Adeel, here the problems face by parents whose childre diagnose with “ADHD”. Ishrat’s (pseudonym) daughter was diagnose with ADHD at the age of six. My daughter was three years old when she started showing symptoms. I had an idea that it was something different from my other children, then I did my own research and later the doctor confirmed that my daughter has symptoms of ADHD.

Writing Issues

Sitting for five, seven, or ten minutes more than that does not work. You have to move around, you have to come and go, you have to have a fixed diet. Don’t try new things. Spelling mistakes in writing, getting frustrate when face with a sudden situation, shouting, making noise, losing sense of big and small, and making up stories like I have a tiger in my bag. So, I realize that there was a problem.

Children Mental Age

I contact my daughter’s school and they also said that she is having some problems compare to other children in the class, she does not sit, and she is not able to pay attention. Ishrat was told by the doctors that the mental age of children affect by ADHD is less than their physical age, that is, if the child is eight years old, his mental age will be six years, so to deal with him accordingly. It is necessary. Sometimes it works cleanly, sometimes it makes very dirty copies. Will not put a full stop, will forget to work. At this age, the child learns these things, but if he is not able to remember, then this is part of this condition.

Symptoms of ADHD

To understand ADHD, we spoke to psychologist Tahira Javed, who explained that ADHD is a “neurodevelopmental issue” (specific changes in brain networks) that is very common in children.”Children with ADHD are born with inattention and lack of focus,” she says. Such children are very active, and careless and do things in which they do not even realize the danger. Dr. Tahira explain in simple words that the brain of the affect person with ADHD is fine, but the network that sends signals in it starts to be different or somewhat weak due to which the messages are not deliver correctly, and the affect person’s Performance starts to suffer.

Obvious symptoms

At the age of three to seven years, its symptoms are very obvious. Especially when there is a change in their environment. Such as when the child starts going to school or meets people from different backgrounds. It is rare to diagnose after this age. Their ability to focus on their work or their surroundings is greatly affect.

“The busier such people are, the calmer they will be”

According to psychologist Tahira Javed, sufferers make mistakes in very small things:

  1. Such children’s attention wanders all the time, unable to focus on any one thing.
  2. Repeating the same mistake over and over again
  3. Interrupts frequently during conversation
  4. Talk a lot
  5. They run around all the time. They don’t sit in one place even in class and if they sit, they keep moving.
  6. They get angry at once
  7. They get upset and even fight or even get beaten up
  8. They make rash decisions and get bore quickly
  9. Working on time is a challenge for them. A task that one should finish in one hour may take four hours.

Psychologist Tahira Javed gave an example and said that ‘as the screen time of children nowadays is very high. In which they sit for hours, unlike them, these children cannot sit still.’

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