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Freelancers Can Generate $10 Billion in Tech Exports

Pakistan’s Interim Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication, Dr. Umar Saif, has laid out an ambitious plan to boost the country’s tech-related service exports. The aim is to generate $10 billion in revenue annually by supporting one million freelancers who can earn approximately $30 a day.

Pakistan’s Current Tech Sector Revenue

As of now, Pakistan’s technology sector contributes around $2.5 billion annually by selling services to other countries. Dr. Saif believes that this number can significantly increase with the right investments and collaborative working environments for freelancers and private businesses.

Government Support and PayPal Collaboration

The government is actively taking steps to turn this vision into reality. They are exploring the possibility of collaborating with PayPal to simplify the process of receiving payments for freelance work. This move could ease financial transactions for freelancers and make Pakistan’s tech exports more competitive on a global scale.

5G Technology Implementation

Another exciting development on the horizon is Pakistan’s plan to embrace 5G technology within the next eight months. This move positions Pakistan to compete on the global stage by offering faster and more advanced digital infrastructure.

The Economic Impact

If this grand plan succeeds, it has the potential to significantly bolster Pakistan’s economy. Empowering freelancers and expanding the technology export sector could create job opportunities, drive economic growth, and place Pakistan on the map as a thriving hub for tech-related services.

The adoption of 5G technology further underscores the country’s commitment to innovation and economic growth. As the plan unfolds, Pakistan’s economy stands to benefit significantly from this strategic move.



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