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Honor claims that their latest phone enables eye-based app opening

Generative AI was a hot topic of conversation this morning when Honor CEO George Zhao spoke at Qualcomm’s 2023 Snapdragon Summit, as we had anticipated. One unexpected component, though, was revealed along with the Honor 6 flagship announcement: it has an eye-interactive function. It appears somewhat cool, despite some noteworthy privacy consequences. A brief demonstration of the technology was shown during the keynote. It showed a woman using her phone while a Live Activity-like portion of the Uber app was running at the top of the screen. She shifts the direction of her attention to fully open the app.


One of the features of the soon to be released Magic 6 is a virtual assistant that makes use of Qualcomm’s on-device artificial intelligence. You may ask it to do tasks like compile all of the movies on your device that fit a specific description. Filter them based on additional features, and then create a new video that features your best clips. That kind of stuff will also be seen much more frequently in the near future. As this year’s Snapdragon Summit is All About AI. For the record, not even one mention of 5G occurred until fifteen minutes into the main keynote.

It’s unclear whether and how Magic Capsule functions. The feature appears to have the potential to cause more annoyance than it is worth, and the demo video scarcely represents real life. According to the “multi-modal” descriptor, gaze appears to be merely one input in the system; therefore, for it to function consistently, it might be combined with other motions. This could be similar to how eye-tracking has been used in PSVR 2 games to highlight elements before you click to confirm them. In addition, would you like your phone to track your searches? When you’re dealing about a state-backed business like Honour, it’s no little matter.

Eye Control

Since the development of technology, cellphones have become a necessity in our everyday life. We utilise them for social interaction, employment, recreation, and communication. But as we become more dependent on cellphones, it’s critical to improve their use and accessibility for a larger range of people, including those with physical disabilities. The addition of eye control to Honour is a positive move.

Its Working

Honor’s eye control technology is built on state-of-the-art algorithms and eye-tracking sensors. The smartphone’s hardware incorporates these sensors, which enable precise detection and interpretation of your eye movements. Through the use of preset movements and eye tracking. Users may browse through the interface of their phone, open apps, scroll, and even compose messages. This system tracks your eye movements in real-time using a combination of machine learning algorithms and infrared sensors. It’s highly responsive and accurate, which is a game-changer for individuals who might find it challenging to use conventional touchscreen controls.


The fact that Honor’s eye control technology improves accessibility may be its greatest benefit. With the help of smartphones, people with physical limitations or restricted movement can now utilise them more easily, independently, and effectively. Improved User Experience: The ease and novelty of using your eyes to manage your phone is unmatched for all users. It provides a different and entertaining method to communicate with your gadget.

Decreased Intimate Touch, Reducing the necessity for direct contact with your smartphone’s screen can help keep your device cleaner. And lessen the spread of germs in a world where hygiene and sanitation are crucial.

Productivity Gains: Eye control technology has the potential to increase productivity. Imagine being able to navigate around your papers, social media, and email without having to touch the screen.


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