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1st Global Summit to Address Artificial Intelligence Threats

1st Global Summit to Address Artificial Intelligence Threats

1st Global Summit hosted by the UK, will seek to develop a unified global narrative on the risks posed by AI. The meeting will also focus on securing AI systems before their deployment. The first global summit to tackle the potential threats of artificial intelligence (AI) began on Wednesday, November 1, hosted by the UK. Leaders from the world of politics and technology discussed possible responses to world-changing AI technology. have gathered to discuss.

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British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak, US Vice President Kamala Harris, European Union President Ursula Van Deerlein, and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will participate in this two-day conference.

Concerns about AI

The release of the latest AI models has offered a glimpse of the technology’s potential. Still, issues ranging from job cuts to cyberattacks and the extent of human control over AI systems have raised concerns about the technology.

The British prime minister said in a speech last week that his “ultimate goal” was to move away from potential AI concerns “towards a broader international approach to security, where we work with partners “And make progress to ensure that AI systems are secured prior to their deployment.” “We will make every effort to agree on the first international narrative about the nature of these threats,” he added.

Lack of Enthusiasm

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is the only world and G7 leader attending the meeting. American billionaire Elon Musk is also participating in this summit. Corey Crider, a lawyer and researcher campaigning for transparent technology, warned that the summit could be “a bit of a talking shop.” If they were serious about security, Rishi Sonak needed to go deeper into the matter and bring in all the major institutions in the UK.”

Communities and Activists

More than 100 signatories of an open letter publish also warn. That “communities and activists most affect by the summit have ignore.” Focusing only on the dangers of AI. Britain on Wednesday pledge $46 million to fund AI projects worldwide after facing criticism for being too concentrate. This funding will launch in Africa. Ahead of the summit, the Group of Seven. The world’s most powerful economies, agreed on Monday. To a non-binding “code of conduct” for companies developing. The most advanced AI systems.

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