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Sheikh Hamdan launches Dubai Gaming Program

Dubai, known for its vibrant culture, stunning skyline, and technological advancements, is entering the gaming industry with the “Dubai Program for Gaming 2033.” Under the leadership of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, this initiative aims to make Dubai a top-10 global gaming city.

Driving Growth in the Digital Economy

To achieve its goals, the program seeks to boost the gaming sector’s contribution to Dubai’s digital economy. By 2033, it’s expected to add around $1 billion to the city’s GDP and create 30,000 new gaming jobs. This showcases Dubai’s unwavering commitment to technology and alignment with global trends.

Sheikh Hamdan’s Vision

During the program’s launch, Sheikh Hamdan emphasized Dubai’s dedication to embracing technology. This event took place during a meeting of the Higher Committee for Future Technology and Digital Economy, underlining its significance.

Dubai Metaverse Strategy

In addition to the gaming program, Sheikh Hamdan introduced three new initiatives: the “Metaverse Alliance,” “Metaverse Guidelines,” and “Metaverse Pioneers.” These initiatives aim to solidify Dubai’s position as a metaverse development leader, clearly demonstrating Dubai’s aspiration to be at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Creating a Nurturing Environment

Dubai aims to establish a nurturing environment for developers and attract leading tech companies, particularly in digital content and experiences. Furthermore, this program offers support to developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and startups in creative industries. Recognizing the gaming sector’s $200 billion value worldwide, Dubai is well-placed to embrace VR and AI for more immersive experiences.

Embracing Emerging Trends

Dubai focuses on talent, content, and technology under the Dubai Future Foundation’s oversight. The program aligns with national strategies to strengthen Dubai and the UAE’s digital economy. Moreover, it offers support, educational programs, and partnerships for entrepreneurs and innovators, both locally and globally.

In conclusion, the “Dubai Program for Gaming 2033” showcases Dubai’s commitment to staying ahead in technology and becoming a global gaming hub. This initiative promises not only economic growth but also numerous opportunities for developers and entrepreneurs in gaming and metaverse development. Dubai’s journey towards global leadership in these fields is truly exciting, and the world will be watching closely.



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