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Alaska Airlines Sued by Passengers

After an off-duty pilot is accused of attempting to turn off the engines mid-flight, passengers are suing Alaska Airlines


According to a recently filed lawsuit. Passengers on the Alaska Airlines aircraft when an off-duty pilot attempted to turn off the engines felt the plane tilt forward dramatically. As if it were in a plunge. Three passengers sued Alaska companies and Horizon Airlines. The flight 2059 operator, claiming the companies failed to adequately screen off-duty pilot Joseph Emerson prior to placing him in the jump seat. An additional cockpit seat, on the October 22 flight. According to the lawsuit, if they had done so. He would have most likely not been allowed entry and would not have been able to almost kill everyone on board.

Airlines Verdict

According to a statement from Alaska Airlines, neither the ground nor the flight crews had seen any “signs of impairment. That would have led them to prevent Emerson from flying.” On Friday, it announced that it is examining the lawsuit and praised the crew’s efforts. Alaska Airlines released a statement saying, “The pilots and flight attendants operating Flight 2059 responded without hesitation. To ensure the safety of everyone onboard.” “We are immensely appreciative and proud of their deft actions.”

When Emerson attempted to activate a fire extinguisher system. That cuts off the gasoline lines to the engines. Following the event, Emerson reported to the police that he had lately taken magic mushrooms, been sad, and suffered a nervous breakdown.

US Attorney’s Office

According to a statement made by the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Oregon. In addition, jail records reveal that Emerson is facing numerous state charges in Oregon. Including 83 felony counts of attempted murder, 83 counts of reckless endangerment, and one case of endangering an aircraft. To every state charge, he has entered a not guilty plea. Emerson would never intentionally hurt any other person. According to his lawyer Noah Horst, and he wasn’t “under the influence of any intoxicants” during the flight. He told CNN prior to the case being filed.


New information regarding what happened to the people on board the aircraft is disclosed by the lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, “the plane experienced what felt like a nosedive. After passengers had been enjoying a normal flight for 45 minutes to an hour.” “A flight attendant told the passengers over the intercom that they needed to land right away. The startled Plaintiffs were not informed of what was going on. The lawsuit claims that “thoughts of a complete plane malfunction or terrorist activity naturally entered their minds.”

According to the lawsuit, passengers then saw Emerson leave the cockpit. Make his way to the back of the aircraft, and try to open a door.



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