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Cyclone Ciaran devastated Western Europe

Cyclone Ciaran devastated Western Europe

Cyclone Ciaran caused many individuals in France, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands to be killed by falling trees or branches. Europe as a whole was enveloped by this destructive storm. Officials in Europe report that Cyclone Ciaran’s record-breaking winds have struck France and its neighboring nations, resulting in at least seven fatalities and several injuries. Numerous homes in western Europe have been devastated by the powerful storm, which has also left many commuters trapped in its path and severed electricity to a big portion of the region it went through.

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France’s Atlantic coast

On the northernmost point of France’s Atlantic coast, trees were uproot and windows were smash by wind gusts exceeding 190 kilometers per hour (120 mph), according to authorities. Before making its way towards the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Italy on Thursday, the strong storm made landfall in northwest France and southwest England on Wednesday night.

Cyclone Ciaran proved deadly

According to Transport Minister Clement Bevan, a truck driver died after his car struck a downed tree in the Aisne area of the heartland of northern France. He asked everyone to avoid driving during the storm and to remain off the roads. He said to channel France-Info, “We are seeing how the roads can be deadly in situations like this.” In the port city of Le Havre, a 70-year-old man died after falling from his balcony due to the high wind. At least 15 people, including seven firemen, have hurt in the storm, according to France’s interior minister.

Cyclone Ciaran
Waves crash over the harbor wall in Newhaven, southern England, Nov. 2, 2023.

Belgian City

In contrast, two persons in the Belgian city of Ghent perished as a result of fallen tree branches. There was a youngster of five years old among them. The prosecutor’s office in Ghent released a statement stating that a three-year-old kid had also had minor injuries in the same event. A 64-year-old lady was kill after three German visitors were struck by falling tree branches in the heart of Ghent Citadel Park. Meanwhile, a fallen tree in the Harz mountains of northern Germany severely wounded a 46-year-old lady.

Netherlands Report

Numerous occurrences of fallen trees in the Netherlands have reportedly harmed a large number of individuals, according to Dutch media. Wenre, a town in the south, also saw one fatality. In a statement, the electrical utility firm Enidz reported that over 12 million residences in France were without electricity. Roughly 50% of the homes in Brittany are located there. Cyclone Ciaran is most damaging to the Atlantic Ocean.

Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Downed power lines have also affected thousands of individuals in the United Kingdom. Parts of southern England have evacuate by authorities. Staying off the shore is advise by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. The organization advised people to “stay away from dangerous situations” in a tweet. It is definitely not appropriate to put your life in danger when snapping a selfie during a storm.

In which direction is Cyclone Ciaran moving?

Before Cyclone Ciaran made landfall, the German meteorological authority report that storm warnings had issue for a large portion of the country’s northern shore. According to the warning, the storm was heading towards the North Sea from the English Channel over England. As a result, before the week is over, it is anticipate that the wind speed will also drop. However, there’s a chance that the stormy and wet weather may continue.

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