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Congregational Prayer Sparks Controversy at French Airport

Congregational Prayer Sparks Controversy at French Airport

Congregational Prayer photo has created a stir on social media site “X”. Image of congregational prayer at French airport sparks controversy. In a picture that went viral on social media, dozens of passengers can be seen praying at the Charles de Gaulle Airport. The French government has announced strict implementation of relevant laws in response to this incident.

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Charles de Gaulle Airport

A photo of Muslim passengers praying in congregation at the Charles de Gaulle airport in the French capital Paris has gone viral on social media, sparking a new controversy in France. In this photo, dozens of passengers can be seen praying in the departure lounge before their departure to Jordan at this Paris airport.

Former French minister

The photo was share by former French minister Noel Lenoir on social media on Sunday, criticizing what the airport’s CEO would do if his “airport were turn into a mosque.” In this regard, a person who works at the airport told AFP news agency on condition of anonymity that about 30 passengers prayed for about 10 minutes at the 2B terminal of the airport.

French Government

In response to this incident, the French government has announced strict implementation of the relevant laws in force in the country. The Minister of Transport of France, a member of the European Union, Clement Bion, said in a statement on X on Monday that the airport authorities are fully commit to implementing prevailing country laws. On the other hand, the airport operator has described the incident as unfortunate.

Congregational Prayer
Muslim Prayer at Charles de Gaulle Airport Sparks Controversy Amid Rising Tensions.
Img source: bnn news France

Chief Executive of Operator Aéroports de Paris

Augustin de Romain, chief executive of operator Aéroports de Paris. Said in a post on X that the incident was “sad”, while also pointing out. That the airport has designate places of worship. He said that after this incident, orders have been issue to border police to tighten surveillance and ban this type of action. Apparently referring to the ongoing war between Israel and the militant group Hamas, he also warned against exaggerating the incident these days.

Religious Beliefs is Prohibited in all Public Places

In France, the display of religious beliefs is prohibit in all public places, including airports. Charles de Gaulle Airport also has designated places of worship for followers of all religions. Astrid Bouvet, a member of parliament from the ruling party in France. Also point out that the authorities must ensure. The implementation of the laws in place in the country, including at airports.

Criticized Bouvet’s Statement

But Luc Carvonnes, mayor of the French commune of Allfortol. Criticize Bouvet’s statement, saying his remarks can be compare to Islamophobia. He also demand that the woman MP explain her statement and apologize for it.

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