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Italy Plans to House Migrants in Centers in Albania

Italy Plans to House Migrants in Centers in Albania

Italy plans to build two centers in Albania to temporarily house migrants rescued from the sea. This is the first agreement of its kind between an EU member state and a non-EU state. Italy will build centers in Albania to host tens of thousands of migrants rescued from the Mediterranean while authorities review their asylum applications, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Maloney announced on Monday.

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Meloni announced the new plan after meeting Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in Rome. Under the agreement, Italy will bear the costs of building two centers to house refugees in the port of Shengjin in northwest Albania and in the Gadar region.

Italian Government

When the centers are ready and open in 2024, they will be able to house about 3,000 people, Maloney said. He said the Italian government also hopes to increase its capacity to process 36,000 migrant applications a year. The Italian Prime Minister said in an interview with the media that minors and pregnant women seeking asylum will not be sent to these centers. Albania will deport the migrants whose applications are rejected by Italy.

Meloni added that the centers would be under Italian jurisdiction and that Albania would provide external security as a facility.

A promise to stop the flow of illegal immigrants from the Mediterranean

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Maloney won last year’s election after promising to curb illegal immigration to Italy during her election campaign. His far-right ‘Brothers of Italy’ party has been calling for centers outside the EU, including proposals in regions such as North Africa. However, none of the African countries accepted it.

Albanian Prime Minister

“I think it’s a really European deal, and I want to say that it also shows that we can manage the flow of refugees,” Maloney said, standing alongside Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in Rome. It is possible to work together. However, Italy’s opposition MP and Green Party leader Angelo Bonelli said Monday’s deal was a “blatant violation of conventions and international law”.

Human Dignity

The news agency AFP quote him. As saying that the government is “outsourcing its responsibilities with the risk that human dignity. And adequate standards of reception and respect are not guarantee in these concentration camps.” Can be made. So far this year, about 145,000 migrants have reach Italy by sea on smugglers’ boats. Which are unseaworthy. Over 88,000 migrants land on the beach during the same period last year. Italy plans to rescue migrant peoples.

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