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Due to inactivity, Google plans to deactivate millions of Gmail accounts in December

Google account data including emails, documents, images, and videos that hasn't been used in at least two years will be permanently removed

Google said, If users don’t use their Gmail accounts frequently, they run the danger of losing access to them in December. A procedure aimed at deactivating Gmail accounts that have not been used for two years or more could result in the deletion of millions of accounts.

Vice President of Google

Google’s vice president of product management. Ruth Kricheli, announced in May that the company will be updating its inactivity policy. Google accounts across all of its products beginning in December. An account and all of its data. Including Google Workspace (Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar, and Photos) and Google Photos. That may be deleted by the corporation if it hasn’t been used or logged into for at least two years.

Google made the decision to take action because, according to the post, forgotten or unattended accounts frequently. Rely on outdated or frequently used passwords that may have been hacked. Don’t have two-factor authentication enabled, and receive less security checks from the user.

Internal Analysis

Based on internal data, the likelihood of two-step verification being enabled on abandoned accounts is at least ten times lower than that of active accounts. These accounts are frequently weak points. If they are taken advantage of, they can be used for everything. From identity theft to spreading unsolicited or even harmful content, such as spam.

Accounts are at Risk

The policy won’t impact accounts for businesses or educational institutions; rather, it will only apply to people. Who haven’t utilised their Gmail accounts in the previous two years. A user’s account will be regarded as active and won’t be removed. If they have recently logged into it or any other Google service.

Keep Accounts Updated

According to Kricheli, the easiest method to maintain the activity of your account is to log in at least once every two years. On the other hand, your account is deemed active. If you have recently logged into your Google Account or any of its services. Your account will be considered active. If you have recently used it for anything other than signing in or reading emails, using Google Drive, watching YouTube videos, downloading apps from the Google Play Store, using Google Search, or signing in to third-party apps or services by selecting “Sign in with Google.”

We also take into account any existing subscriptions you may have signed up through your account, such as those to Google One, a news source, or an app. Your account will not be harmed in any way by this account activity. Furthermore, at this time, we do not intend to remove accounts that contain YouTube videos.






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