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Malaysia Launches Online Visa Application for Pakistani Tourists

In an effort to enhance the travel experience for Pakistani tourists, the Immigration Department of Malaysia has revamped its visa application system. This transformation introduces a user-friendly online portal for those seeking a 30-day visit visa, simplifying the application process and providing a more streamlined experience.

A User-Friendly Portal

Moreover, the revamped system prioritizes accessibility for Pakistani travelers. The user-friendly online portal facilitates the hassle-free submission of essential documents required for the visa application process.

More Time for Travel

Additionally, the Malaysia eVisa now boasts an extended validity period of 90 days from the approval date. This generous three-month window allows Pakistani tourists ample time to plan their visit to Malaysia, contributing to a smoother travel experience.

Document Requirements

To apply, individuals must provide essential documents. These include an approved eVisa hard copy, the application passport, a digital copy of the passport’s biographical page, a recent passport-size photo, proof of accommodation, a return ticket, and evidence of sufficient funds. These requirements ensure a thorough yet straightforward application process.

Reduced Visa Fee

Adding to Malaysia’s allure as an affordable destination, the visa fee has been reduced to 20 Malaysian Ringgit (approximately Rs1,224). This adjustment makes Malaysia an even more attractive choice for Pakistani tourists. It aligns with the country’s commitment to welcoming international visitors.

Convenient Payment Options

To enhance the overall application experience, convenient payment options have been introduced. The system now accepts valid debit or credit cards, streamlining the eVisa processing fee payment. This traveler-friendly approach aligns with Malaysia’s commitment to providing a welcoming environment for visitors from Pakistan.

Malaysia’s Cultural and Natural Wonders

These improvements position Malaysia as an increasingly attractive destination for Pakistani travelers. The country’s rich cultural tapestry and diverse natural wonders beckon tourists to explore with greater flexibility and affordability. The enhanced visa application system reflects Malaysia’s dedication to fostering positive tourism experiences and building lasting connections with visitors from Pakistan. In conclusion, Malaysia introduction of a hassle-free online visa application process signifies a commitment to providing a seamless experience for Pakistani tourists.



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