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American surgeon First Complete Eye Transplant

American surgeon First Complete Eye Transplant

American surgeon, the first complete transplant of a human eye. Surgeons in the US state of New York have performed a complete transplant of a person’s eye for the first time, which is being described as an important development by doctors, but the patient’s vision has not yet been restored in the transplanted eye after the surgery.

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Severe Electric Shock

According to the report of the foreign news agency, “Reuters”, 46-year-old power line company employee Aaron James had an accident in 2021. He received a severe electric shock while working on a high-voltage power line, in which his face was damaged. Half of his body was burnt, as a result of which his left eye was also lost. In May 2023 this year, doctors performed a 21-hour surgery to implant a donated human eye on Aaron James.

Eye Transplant

The complete eye transplant was perform by Eduardo Rodriguez, director of the Face Transplant Program and head of the Department of Plastic Surgery, and his colleagues, who said that if Aaron James was unable to regain vision after surgery for some reason, the transplant eye would replace his face. will play an important role in restoring the appearance of the eye.

Eye Cornea

It is to mention here that till now only a part of the eye “cornea” has transplant in the world to help in correcting a certain type of visual impairment. This is the first case of a whole eye transplant. which involves feeding blood to the retina of the eye and connecting it to the part of the brain that receives electrical messages from the eye to help see, this is the first attempt at a complex surgery.

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Parts of Aaron James’ face that were transplant include the nose, left eyelid and eyebrow, lip, part of the skull, nasal and chin bones, cheekbones, and nerve tissue, in addition to the entire left eye. And an optic nerve transplant was also done. In the complex surgery, doctors grafted donated eye cells to James’s vision cells and implanted stem cells to activate them. The surgery lasted for 21 hours and involved more than 140 people including doctors, nurses, and staff.

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Experts say that this transplant will help restore sight to millions of people in the future. A American surgeon on the total eye transplant team said Aaron James is recovering well and the donated eye looks healthy, with his right eye still functioning. Dr. Eduardo Rodríguez, one of the team that performed the surgery, said, “The fact that we’ve done the first complete eye transplant with half of the face is an incredible feat that people were thinking about.” It is impossible.

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He said that we are not claiming that this will bring back sight. But it is certain that we are one step closer to this process. Doctors said that the blood flow in the veins of the eye is better. And it is unlikely that the body’s immune system. Will reject the donated eye. It will come back, but the doctors are not rejecting this possibility.

Six Months after Surgery

Bruce E. Gelb, a transplant surgeon at New York University. Says that doctors will continue to monitor the progress of Aaron James’ eye. Six months after surgery, Aaron James’ transplanted eye did not show significant progress, however. According to an associate professor in the Department of Ophthalmology. Blood flow continues in the eye, which is a good thing.

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