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Efforts to Combat Plastic Pollution achieve a Breakthrough

Efforts to Combat Plastic Pollution achieve a Breakthrough

Efforts to combat a landmark agreement to end plastic pollution seem to be on the rise. Participants from around 175 countries are discussing the draft agreement for the first time at the ongoing world conference in Nairobi.

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United Nations Environment Program

This meeting held under the United Nations Environment Program in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, is the third in a series of five proposed meetings regarding the elimination of plastic pollution. About 2000 delegates from more than 175 countries around the world are participating in it. Earlier, two meetings have been held in Uruguay and France. The international community wants to finalize the agreement by the end of next year.

Deep Sea Descent is More Difficult than Space Travel

Gustaf Adolfo Velasquez, president of the negotiating committee, said: “The need to tackle plastic pollution cannot ignore and we all have to work together to achieve the scale of change that is need.”

Dangerous Chemicals

Inger Andersen, director of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), called on countries to completely rethink their use of plastic. “We need to use virgin materials. Less plastic, and less harmful chemicals. We need to ensure that the things we use can reuse and recycle more easily.” He said. possible and dispose of their remains safely.” “We must use these negotiations to create a better future. Free of plastic pollution,” Anderson said.

Association of Plastic Manufacturers

According to Plastics Europe, an association of plastic manufacturers, 400.3 million tons of plastic will produce worldwide in 2022, which is two times more than in 2002. About two-thirds of plastic is thrown away after only one use, and less than 10 percent is recycle, with millions of tons thrown into the environment or improperly incinerate. The most worrying aspect of plastic is its ‘life cycle’, as it takes centuries for plastic to decompose again once it has been create.

Impact of Water Pollution on Our Everyday Lives: Understanding the Far-Reaching Effects

According to scientists, 76 percent of all plastic waste produce between 1950 and 2018 was dumped in landfills or scattered on land. It is estimate that between 4.8 million and 12.7 million tons of plastic waste enter the oceans every year, causing ecosystem destruction.

The Alarming Reality of Melting Glaciers and Rising Sea Levels

According to UNEP, if there is a comprehensive agreement. Regarding plastic pollution, it can reduce. Global plastic pollution by 80% by 2040. In March 2022, representatives of more than 170 countries. Endorse a global agreement to tackle plastic. It includes measures to limit plastic production. Regulate harmful chemicals, and dispose of plastic.

A worthy example of Kenya

Kenya tops the list in terms of measures against plastic pollution. It banned the manufacture, sale, and use of ‘single-use’ plastics in the country in 2017. Violators of this law can  fine and imprison for up to one year. Kenya has ban other single-use items such as plastic straws and plates from parks, forests, beaches, and other protected areas. Kenyan President William Ruto mention the dangers of plastic. Saying, “It is fundamentally a threat to the existence of life. Humanity, and everything in between.”

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