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To Save a Massive Green Energy Company, Germany contributes $8 billion

The German government offers $8 billion in guarantees to Siemens Energy

The German government is offering €7.5 billion ($8 billion) in taxpayer funds to save the financially struggling Siemens Energy. A company that is important to the nation’s energy transition. The amount is a portion of a guarantee package worth €15 billion ($16.3 billion). Private banks and other stakeholders contributing the remaining value. According to a statement released by Germany’s ministry of economic affairs and climate protection on Tuesday. It is subject on Siemens Energy stopping dividend payments to shareholders and board member compensation.

Siemens Energy

Along with a wide range of other products, the company, which generated revenue of almost €29 billion ($32 billion) in its most recent fiscal year. It also manufactures gas-powered turbines and electrolyzers for the creation of energy. Approximately one-sixth of the world’s electricity is produced thanks to its innovations. Support 94,000 jobs across more than 90 nations. The ministry claims that in order to fulfil its €110 billion ($119 billion) pipeline of orders, it needs the financial assurances.

The bailout highlights the economic challenges that nations face. They move away from fossil fuels and the significance Berlin places on Siemens Energy. A spin-off company of renowned German electronics manufacturer Siemens, in helping that transition. Siemens owns 32% of the company that makes wind turbines. The ministry stated that the federal government has been “in intensive contact” with Siemens Energy. Siemens, and private lenders, and that a plan to “secure the company” has been in the works for a few weeks.


A Siemens Energy representative said, “We are happy with the German government’s clear support for Siemens Energy and the commitment to the rapid implementation of projects to make the energy transition a success.”

Renewable Energy

The company, which produces both conventional and renewable energy. Stated in August that it anticipated to report a €4.5 billion ($4.9 billion) deficit for the current financial year. The company has encountered a number of manufacturing issues with some of its wind turbine models this year. Following the company announcement late last month that it was seeking a government bailout, shares fell about 40%, according to Reuters. Tuesday saw a 3% increase in the company stock price after the support package was announced.

German Government

Siemens Energy was deemed by the ministry to be “an important employer. In the industries of the future” and “highly relevant to the entire value chain of the provision of energy systems.” The largest economy in Europe, Germany, has been fighting a difficult and costly war to displace Russia. As its primary natural gas supplier ever since Moscow began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February of last year.

German industry, which have suffered to pay for the outrageous price of petrol over the last two years. They need to find cheaper, greener energy sources. The sector has also been negatively impacted by harsh interest rate hikes and a faltering Chinese economy. A fall in new orders and persistently low confidence are causing German manufacturers to lay off workers at their fastest rate in three years.



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