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Toyota announces production of hybrid electric vehicle in Pakistan

In a groundbreaking move for Pakistan’s automotive sector, Toyota is set to introduce its inaugural Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) next month. The initiative, backed by a significant $100 million investment from Indus Motor Company (IMC), aims to not only reduce import expenses but also yield an annual saving of $37 million as production scales up to an impressive 30,000 HEV units.

The Corolla Cross HEV: Pioneering the Shift in Pakistani Driving Experience

The spotlight is on the Corolla Cross HEV, a hybrid crossover poised to revolutionize the Pakistani automotive scene. Ali Jamali, CEO of Indus Motor Company, provides insights into the company’s venture, emphasizing innovation and sustainability.

Strategic Investment: Shaping a Sustainable Automotive Future

The $100 million investment signifies a strategic move by IMC, reinforcing their commitment to pioneering the production of HEVs domestically. The aim is to not only meet local demand but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable automotive landscape.

Corolla Cross HEV: A Technological Marvel with Eco-Friendly Appeal

Initially introduced as a Completely Built Unit (CBU), the Corolla Cross has already garnered attention on Pakistani roads. Its 1798cc hybrid engine, producing 168hp at 3600 RPM and 305Nm torque at 3600 RPM, has made a significant impact.

Economic Advantage: The Corolla Cross’s Fuel Efficiency as a Game-Changer

Amid economic challenges, the Corolla Cross stands out for its exceptional fuel efficiency. This feature positions the vehicle as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice for consumers.

Anticipation Builds: Toyota Vision for a Greener Tomorrow

As the 2023 launch date approaches, excitement among consumers and automotive enthusiasts is palpable. The introduction of the Corolla Cross HEV underscores Toyota’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge, environmentally conscious vehicles to the Pakistani market. This move signifies not just technological advancement but a shift towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for Pakistan’s automotive landscape.



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