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King Charles’ 75th Birthday Food Delivery Scheme

King Charles’ 75th Birthday Food Delivery Scheme

King Charles III launched a new project to provide food for the hungry on his birthday. It should be noted that about 14 million people in the UK are also facing food insecurity. Britain’s King Charles III celebrates his 75th birthday on Tuesday. On this occasion, he is officially launching the ‘Coronation Food Project’ to tackle food shortages and reduce food wastage.

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Food Project

King Charles will spend his birthday with his wife, Queen Camilla, at the center, which is known for its leftover food and food distribution. They will also meet with major UK supermarkets to find out how they can help redistribute food left over from their Project Food. Because leftovers often go to waste.

National Health Service

Also on Monday, King Charles hosted a celebration for other individuals and organizations, while on Tuesday he hosted a reception to recognize the work of nurses and midwives as part of celebrations to mark 75 years of the National Health Service.

The Big issue

Coronation Food Project aims to save people from going hungry. The project has already been announced in the popular “The Big Issue” magazine, which is usually sold by poor or mostly homeless people on the streets and alleys.

Food Production Process

An article by King Charles appeare in the magazine, in which he wrote: “For many years, I have been quite concern about the amount of food that is waste in our country. Millions of tonnes of food are waste at every stage of the food production process, which is very sad.”

Food Scarcity is a Real Problem

He added, “Food scarcity is a real and urgent problem, as is the need for food, and if there is a way to bridge the gap between them, then this one strategy will solve both problems.” “I very much hope that the Coronation Food Project can find practical ways to do this – that is, to save surplus food from going to waste and then distribute it to those who need it most,” he wrote. Is.”

14 Million people in the UK face food insecurity

According to the King’s new plan. 14 million people in the UK face food insecurity. And the rising cost of everyday goods has push more people into food poverty. The charity says it record a 38% increase in the number of people using food banks for the first time in March this year. The Coronation Food Project aims to provide 20 million food packets to people facing food insecurity in the UK.

Establish Organization 1990s,

King Charles’ historic association with The Big Issue magazine goes back decades. When the organization was establish in the 1990s, it open a magazine office shortly after. Charles’ son, Prince of Wales William, secretly sold. The Big Issue magazine last year and was feature on the magazine’s cover for its 40th anniversary.

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