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Put An End to Facebook’s Monitoring of Your Online Browsing History

Which websites provide Facebook with information about your online activity can be found out using the Off-Facebook Activity tool

Facebook is well known for tracking your online activities on and off the network in order to target advertisements at you and customize your experience. Thankfully, the social network also provides you with the ability to check and adjust your privacy settings. You can find out what Facebook knows about your online activity. When you leave the site by using the Off-Facebook Activity tool. Additionally, you may control how much information you give. To whom, and how little with the help of the Privacy Checkup tool. Here’s how to make use of each feature.

Off-Facebook Activity

Facebook can see what you do when you visit specific third-party websites in addition to when you use the social network. The Off-Facebook Activity tool helps you control that information by allowing you to examine and remove the information that is gathered about you when you visit other websites. You can also download the data for offline analysis. Completely disable the off-Facebook behaviour from being associated with your account.

Any information that websites, apps, and organisations share with Facebook regarding your interactions with them is considered an off-Facebook activity. This could be as easy as going to a particular website or app, or it could be more complicated like looking for something or making a purchase. Facebook uses this data to show you relevant advertisements.

Facebook might display deals and discounts that you might find valuable by tracking your actions and preferences on affiliated websites. For instance, you may purchase shoes from an internet clothes retailer. That retailer allows Facebook to see your purchases and activities, saving them to your account. Facebook then displays an advertisement for a 10% discount on your subsequent purchases from that particular retailer.

Control Off-Facebook Activity

If you find this kind of tracking bothersome—especially because it happens when you’re not on Facebook—you may control this data by utilising the Off-Facebook Activity tool. To utilise this function, click the top right down arrow and choose Settings. Click the Off-Facebook Activity option after selecting Your Facebook Information. Facebook tells you how it has access to this kind of information and shows you the names of websites that have shared your activity. To obtain additional information regarding your entire non-Facebook activities, click the “Learn More” link located at the top.

Click the symbol for any website in the list, then type your password to access your activity outside of Facebook. The websites that have given Facebook information about your activities will thereafter all be visible to you. To discover specific details about a site, click on it.

Click the Turn off future activity link if you no longer want this site to share your activity with Facebook. You will receive a confirmation message explaining what happens if you disable this activity. Click Turn off if you’d want to continue. You will receive a notification informing you that this site will no longer be used for activity going forward, but your previous activity is still active.


Go back to the Off-Facebook Activity page and select Download Your Information located on the right in order to download your Off-Facebook activity. The Download Your Information page downloads all of your Facebook data by default. There isn’t yet a setting to obtain the details of your non-Facebook activities. However, certain categories—like Businesses and Ads—do contain off-Facebook activities. To start, you could choose to choose only Ads and Businesses to see what data it offers, or you might want to access all of your Facebook data by selecting all categories. Click the Create File button once the categories have been selected.

You are informed on this page that a copy of your data is being prepared. An email notification is also sent to you. You will receive a second email notification as soon as the file is assembled and prepared for download. Click the Available Copies tab on the Download Your Information page, then click the Download button to save the data to your computer as a zip file. Open the file after unzipping it to see the contents. Open the index.html file from the extracted files. You can then access and read the material you downloaded in those categories.





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