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Deaths from mental health issues increase in tandem with Earth’s rising temperature


The phrase “climate change” refers to comparatively steady changes in temperature and precipitation over time in a particular area. The fact that human activity has contributed to changes in the global climate has led to the description of this type of climate change as a serious global challenge. It has been demonstrated that during the past few decades, anthropogenic emissions have raised the average world temperature by 0.5°C. And estimates for 2100 AD indicate that average global temperatures will rise by 2.4–5.8°C. A slow rise in temperature like this is probably going to cause ice caps to melt. Coastal areas to submerge, unfavourable precipitation events, floods, and droughts in various places.

Temperature and its Impact on Mental Health

As global temperatures rise, there will undoubtedly be more instances of increased heat exposure. There has been a suggestion that an increase in temperature and violent behaviour are related. Given the spike in criminal activity and aggression that has been observed over the summer, there may be a link between violent actions and high temperatures. It’s feasible that as a result of global warming, the incidence of violence will rise over time. Additionally, a relationship has been shown between temperature and suicide rates.. It has been observed that the recent rise in temperatures has increased the frequency of suicides, particularly violent ones.

Heat Waves

There is a link between behavioral and mental health issues and heat waves. An Australian study found that heat waves are associated with increased rates of admissions for diseases such as heart and kidney disease, as well as mental health problems. Such heat waves have been linked, among other things, to mood disorders, anxiety disorders, dementia, and disorders connected to anxiety. Excessive heat exposure can cause tiredness on the body and mind. According to a Thai study, workers who experience occupational heat stress may have increased psychological suffering. Studies of a similar nature have discovered a link between higher workplace temperatures and increased psychological suffering.

Drought and Farmer Suicide

Drought conditions are expected to worsen in the future due to global climate change. While longer droughts are anticipated in some regions, changes in precipitation patterns are predicted to cause more floods in others. There is a connection between farmer suicides and drought occurrences. This kind of pattern has been observed not just in industrialized nations like Australia but also in developing nations like India. There is a correlation between farmer suicide attempts and agricultural failures brought on by unforeseen droughts. Crop failure might cause financial difficulties. When the family’s needs are dependent on periods of low precipitation, the farmer may not be able to support them and may fall into a debt trap in an attempt to make ends meet.

How to Protect Yourself

Consult your doctor about if any medications you take or start put you at risk for adverse reactions to intense heat, as some patient education materials may not mention this possibility. “These are really just warnings,” he continued, “to really just make sure that you’re staying in cooler environments, making sure you’re hydrated—this is going to be really a side effect that we’re going to have to worry about more and more if climate change continues to get worse.”. Of course, the most crucial approach is to address the climate disaster at its core, according to doctor. He said, “Increasing access to cooling centers and other resources, as well as funding research that will help us better understand the impact of heat on mental health, are also necessary at the policy level.”


Through a variety of mediators, climate change-related events such as floods, droughts, rising sea levels, and higher ambient temperatures can lead to an increase in psychological distress. Economic pressure, the stress of migration and acculturation. A decline in social capital, and traumatic experiences are a few of these mediators. In the future, reasonable responses to the challenge of climate change would be to work. Towards expanding access to mental health care and gradually reducing climate change.






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