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Twenty million people are at risk of severe storms and possibly tornadoes from Texas to the Southeast

Texas to Southeast

Forecasters warn that beginning Monday afternoon, more than 20 million people in the Southeast and eastern Texas could be in danger of severe storms, with some regions expecting hail or tornadoes. “The main threats will be damaging winds and multiple tornadoes, some of which may be strong.” The Storm Prediction Centre of the National Weather Service stated early on Monday. Large hail and damaging winds are also predicted, according to the centre. After blasting across the Rockies over the weekend. The storm system is moving into the South. According to early snow reports, the massive mountain snowfall left numerous areas of Utah, Nevada, and Colorado with about a foot of snow.

Severe Thunderstorms

According to the storm centre, strong thunderstorms are expected to sweep through eastern Texas on Monday afternoon. Before moving through the lower Mississippi Valley and towards Alabama during the night. According to the centre, several areas of northern Louisiana and central Mississippi. Including Jackson, Mississippi, and Alexandria, Louisiana, have been assigned an increased risk. Rating for severe storms, or a level 3 of 5. Slight and negligible danger are the less serious threat levels that have been issued. Extending from Texas to Alabama and Arkansas, including Little Rock, Arkansas, and Houston, Alabama.

Drought-stricken Louisiana and Mississippi may enjoy a temporary respite from the storms; the Weather Prediction Centre predicts extreme rainfall of up to 2 inches on Monday, and up to 3 inches in certain regions.

Winter Storm

Up until early Monday morning, there are still winter storm warnings in effect for portions of Utah. An further 2-4 inches of snowfall, with isolated totals perhaps reaching 6 inches, are expected. Up until early Monday, there are winter weather advisories in effect for portions of Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona. An extra one to four inches of snowfall is possible during this time. Storm totals of one to three inches were recorded at lower elevations, with isolated totals topping three inches, as the weather remained warm enough to support precipitation. The area was also hit by strong wind gusts; in Mammoth, California, which is situated at an altitude of about 10,000 feet, a gust of 144 mph was recorded.

On Monday morning, there are alerts for strong winds affecting over 15 million people in various parts of the West. There might be gusts of up to 80 mph for people under extreme wind alerts. There might be gusts as high as 65 mph for those under wind advisories.

Goodbye to Heavy Snow

Although there was a lot of snowfall over the weekend in several western states, including Utah, Nevada, and Colorado, all winter weather advisories will be revoked throughout the area by the end of Monday. A foot or more of snow fell in certain parts of Utah, while some communities in Nevada followed shortly behind.

Louisiana Drought

The state of Louisiana is currently experiencing the greatest drought on record, which has fueled unheard-of wildfires and increased the risk of catastrophic saltwater intrusion into the Mississippi River. According to data released last week, almost three-quarters of the state is currently covered by exceptional drought, the highest severe condition recognised by the US Drought Monitor. Over half of neighbouring Mississippi has been affected by the extreme drought.



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