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Parliamentary Elections in the Netherland Kante’s contest

Parliamentary Elections in the Netherland Kante’s contest

Introduction To Netherlands Elections:

Election in Netherlands held soon. According to the news agency, the Election competition is very tough. Geert Wilders, a hardline anti-immigration politician, is pitted against Dilan Yeshelgoz, a female politician with a Turkish immigrant background, in the parliamentary elections in the Netherlands. This time, far-right candidates may win the general elections in the Netherlands. Voters are exercising their right to vote in the Netherlands. It is being said that extreme right-wing candidates can win in these elections.

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Hotly Contested for Parliamentary Seats

Elections in the Netherlands continue to be hotly contested for parliamentary seats, with far-right candidates tipped to do well in the election. A public poll released a day before the election showed anti-Islam leader Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party slightly ahead of outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s conservative Freedom and Democracy Party.

Prime Minister Velders

“I hope that when I wake up tomorrow, our country will not have Prime Minister Velders,” Amsterdam resident Ari van der Noyt told Reuters after casting his vote. It would be a nightmare.” Rutte resigned in July this year after the government coalition collapsed for the fourth time. He held the post of Prime Minister for the last thirteen years.

Public Opinion Most Dutch People

According to public opinion polls, no party in the country seems to be gaining 20 percent or more of public approval, while those polls show a slight increase in the public opinion of Welders and Labor leader Frans Timmermans, but most Dutch people know They are in a quandary as to who to vote for.

Parliamentary Elections
In the Netherlands, no political party usually has a clear majority.
Photo: Piroschka van de Wouw/REUTERs.

Political Sand of the Netherlands

According to the news agency Reuters, the political sand of the Netherlands is that the party that gets more seats does not necessarily get the prime ministership because the votes in this country divide between several parties, and in such a clear parliamentary majority of several parties. Only unity is possible. According to Reuters, even after the results of these elections, the formation of a government may take several months.

My First & Last Priority is Revive the Economy

Along with environmental changes, the most important issue in these elections is the influx of political asylum seekers into the country. Mark Rutte’s coalition government also fell on the same issue. “Enough is enough,” far-right leader Valders said in a televised speech Tuesday night. The Netherlands cannot afford any more immigrants. We now need to consider our people. Closed borders and zero migrants.

Rutte’s political Successor

In response, Rutte’s political successor and Turkish-born Dutch leader Dilan Yeshelgoz said, “I don’t think that Wilders can become the prime minister of all Dutch citizens.” They want to close the borders and make people negative from society, who according to them do not belong to the Netherlands.”

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s party

It should note that Yeshilgoz is the leader of the outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s party. And is a candidate for the Prime Ministership. If she becomes prime minister, she will be the first female prime minister of the Netherlands.

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