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Hail Santa, a Satanic Christmas tree on Display

Hail Santa, a Satanic Christmas tree on Display at a Wisconsin museum:

Hail Santa, a Satanic Christmas tree on display at a Wisconsin museum, is facing backlash.

Introduction to Santa Clause:

A mythical character, Santa Claus is also known by the names Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, or just plain Santa. a figure with roots in Western Christian culture who is supposed to deliver presents on Christmas Eve in the late evening and early morning. He is claimed to do this with the help of flying reindeer that carry his sleigh through the skies and Christmas elves who create the gifts in his workshop at the North Pole.

Hail Santa, a Satanic Christmas tree:

One of the ornaments on the Satanic Temple tree said “Hail Santa,” while other decorations included pentagrams, red lights, and other decorations. Following the inclusion of a Christmas tree from the Satanic Temple in its yearly Christmas tree celebration, a Wisconsin museum is experiencing criticism.

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National Railroad Museum

There were sixty-six trees on display at Ashwaubenon’s National Railroad Museum. A Republican congressman was offend by the tree from the Wisconsin Satanic Temple, calling it “cultural propaganda” and “offensive.”

Harmful Reverse-Cultural Propaganda

It is common to accuse conservatives of inciting a culture war or becoming fixated on cultural issues. Here, however, is a clear illustration of why that isn’t the case. Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., stated on Sunday Morning Futures, “What’s happening is we’re just trying to defend basic traditions or defend our children in the midst of these basic traditions avoid the intrusion of harmful reverse-cultural propaganda or woke ideology.”

Hail Santa

The Satanic Temple’s tree was decked up with pentagrams, red lights, beads, and other decorations. One of the ornaments said, “Hail Santa,” which seemed to be a play on the phrase “Hail Satan.” The Gender Diversity tree included trans flags in pink and blue hues as well as ornaments bearing phrases like “Protect Trans Kids.” In response to the outcry over the museum’s choice to display a Satanic Christmas tree, the Big Sunday Show panel offered their thoughts.

Bunch of Christmas Trees

According to Alicia Acuna, senior correspondent for Fox News, “You also have to think about parents who are now ending up in conversations that they didn’t expect because they were just going to see a bunch of Christmas trees.”

Christmas Manners

And these days, Christmas is celebrate by many, but not always in a Christian manner. Do these people have the right to be present, then? Indeed. Is it the spirit of Christmas? No,” she continue. Contributor Joey Jones of Fox News stated, “I firmly believe in the First Amendment. Their goal is to get you to attack them. Inform them that their tree is not allow there, so they may file a lawsuit against you. Such groups operate under the pretense of the First Amendment. You need to be more astute and anticipate it. Furthermore, you can’t discard things simply because they appear.”

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