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Why are so many Celebrities Dying their Hair Red?

Trend of Dying Hair Red:

What’s the Colour of the Year

Which colour represents the year? While Pantone is still deliberating, sometimes the proof you need for the upcoming must-have hue is right there on the heads of celebrities. Billie Eilish brought back her signature hairstyle in August. Pairing a striking root dye job with an all-over black gloss, this time in cherry red. Megan Fox debuted a fiery scarlet “velvet bob,” as her stylist dubbed it, a month later. Then Dua Lipa’s hair started to change at the same time as the leaves. For those who are still unclear about the hottest colour of the season, the pop star made her hair debut in October with a mahogany-red look. She even coordinated her hair with matching burgundy and maroon clothing and accessories.

Even Kendall Jenner bemoaned her attention-grabbing copper mop of 2022 while breaking down her life in looks for Vogue magazine earlier this month. “You guys, I miss my red hair,” the brunette Jenner uttered. “I’m not sure how to handle that. I returned too soon.

Arriving Fall/Winter of 2023

Cherry-coke and strawberry-blonde hairstyles have been spotted at Burberry, Rodarte, Gucci, and Missoni, among other fashion houses, on the Fall-Winter 2023 runways. Even more designers—from Versace and Diesel to Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton—got the message in September. Model Rianne Van Rompaey, a natural redhead, walked eight of the major shows this season, including Chanel’s closing and Paco Rabanne’s opening. However, fiery hair’s appeal is by no means a new-age fad. It has a surprisingly long history, in fact.

Hair Colour

Though the hair colour has been both feared and fetishized for hundreds of years. Less than 2% of people on the planet are naturally redheads. Ginger hair was seen as a sign of the devil during the height of the European witch trials in the fifteenth century. Sometimes enough to get one executed. Obadiah Walker, an English scholar, wrote a beseeching response to the prevailing practise of “vilifying” red-haired men in the 17th century. Walker said, “Every man denigrates his fellow creature.” And such insignificant reasons are frequently used for this. The treating people with contempt just because their hair colour is different from yours.

Hair Historian

Rachael Gibson, a hair historian, notes that the shade has historically been viewed as different. In a phone interview, she stated, “Judas is portrayed in the Bible as having red hair, and similarly the ancient Gauls and Scots — people who were attacking and invading (England) — tended to be red haired.” “So they were invaders from the beginning of time.”

However, some people saw red hair as a powerful rarity. Queen Elizabeth I’s shock of ginger curls, which were a conscious decision rather than an innate trait, during her reign in the sixteenth century. Elizabeth I, who could theoretically choose any colour, spent the majority of her life wearing wigs. According to Jacky Colliss Harvey, author of “Red: A Natural History of the Redhead.” However, she reportedly chose flaming auburn and even dyed her horses’ coats to match. Red hair was in style during Elizabeth I’s reign, according to Gibson. “To demonstrate their loyalty, both men and women in the court dyed their hair red.”

1800s Artist

Scarlet locks have been in and out of style throughout history. Pre-Raphaelite painters from the mid-to-late 1800s, like Gabriel Rossetti, virtually exclusively depicted ethereal, red-haired beauties. However, a fashion journalist observed in 1923 that the hair colour had become popular in Paris. The 100-year-old fashion feature from the Guardian’s archives stated, “Hair is being dyed red when it is not naturally that colour, (sic).” “To be natural in colour is to be seen as nothing at all in Paris.” The New York Times declared red to be “the captivating hair colour of the moment” once more in 1988, according to Linda Wells. “Redheads will never become the norm, no matter how stylish they become these days.”






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