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German Migration Package to be Approved Before Christmas?

German Migration Package to be Approved Before Christmas?

German Migration Package will approve before Christmas. In general, it is widely talk about in Germany these days that Germany will give a migration package to immigrants from other countries before Christmas, which will a good package for immigrants.

Introduction to German Migration Package:

Germany’s Free Democratic Party (FDP) has urged the German chancellor and federal ministers to pass a national migration package on the arrival and care of refugees and migrants before Christmas. Germany’s liberal political party, the Free Democratic Party (FDP), has urged German Chancellor Olaf Schulz and federal government ministers to implement parts of a package on the arrival and care of refugees and migrants in the country. Get approve before Christmas and ensure early implementation.

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State Governments and Local Administrations

In this regard, a consensus was reach this week between the federal government and all the federal provinces in Germany regarding the distribution of expenses incur on the arrival of refugees and immigrants and their care. This consensus on the distribution of financial responsibilities was made possible after many months of disagreement. In this regard, Chancellor Olaf Schulz said that the federal government will pay a total of seven and a half thousand euros per person to the state governments and local administrations for the care of each migrant next year. Thus, in 2024, Berlin will provide a total of approximately three and a half billion euros to all sixteen federal states.

Free Democratic Party’s Parliamentary Group

Meanwhile, the leaders of the conservative CDU/CSU bloc in the opposition are also demanding. The approval of the migration package before Christmas so that it can implement with the start of the new year 2024. Christian Dürer, leader of the Free Democratic Party’s parliamentary group, gave a statement to the German newspaper Bild, based on an article published on Thursday, in which he said, It would be morally correct for federal lawmakers to approve this package in time for Christmas.”

Migration Package

According to Christian Durr, the migration package must include factors. Such as stricter deportation rules and a clear reduction in financial and social benefits for migrants. He further said that the Federal German Minister of Labor will propose the amendment to the existing laws soon. The federal provinces should also complete their study. And develop a new payment card scheme by the start of next year, he said.

German Migration Package
The German government wants to reduce the cost burden on migrants.
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Chancellor Olaf Schulz

In this regard, in the afforestation meeting. The German state chief ministers and the federal chancellor Olaf Schulz also agree to change the current system. Regarding immigration relate to financial support for the expenses incur by the refugees. This would mean that benefits for asylum seekers would reduce. The federal cabinet has already agreed on tougher deportation laws.

The federal government also wants to examine whether the official procedure. For obtaining asylum in Germany can also complete in a third country outside of Europe.

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