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German Budget Crisis, Vice Chancellor’s Visit to Dubai Canceled

German Budget Crisis, Vice Chancellor’s Visit to Dubai Canceled:

German Budget crisis rise so that vice chancellor’s cancel visit to Dubai ongoing United Nations Climate Summit. Robert Habeck, the Federal Minister of Economy and Vice-Chancellor of Germany, postponed his trip to Dubai in order to participate in the current UN Climate Summit. The reason for this is the budget crisis facing Germany.

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World Environment Conference:

German Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck has canceled his scheduled visit to attend the ongoing World Environment Conference in Dubai. The reason for this is the urgent consultation regarding the budget crisis of the federal government.

Ministry of Economic Affairs:

According to Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs, Chancellor Olaf Schulz asked Green Party politician and Economy Minister Robert Haubeck to postpone a visit to Dubai because Haubeck was in Berlin to continue talks on the 2024 budget. Presence is essential. The move follows a landmark court ruling earlier this month. Three weeks ago, the Federal Constitutional Court declared part of the budget unconstitutional.

Chancellor Olaf Scholes Canceled his Visit:

On Sunday evening in Berlin, a female spokeswoman for the Ministry of Economy said that Habeck’s presence in Berlin is necessary for progress in the negotiations regarding the budget for 2024. The female spokeswoman further said that on the advice and request of Chancellor Olaf Scholes, the Minister of Economy canceled his visit to Dubai. Habeck is Germany’s Vice-Chancellor and Federal Minister of Economic Affairs, as well as the Minister of Climate Affairs. That is why he was scheduled to attend the COP28 climate conference in Dubai on Tuesday.

Three-party Coalition Government:

A recent ruling by Germany’s constitutional court called for an end to plans to reallocate €60 billion in debt to climate projects during the coronavirus pandemic. The impact of this decision will certainly affect other special funds as well. The effects of these conditions are having a major ‘budget crisis’ on Chancellor Schulze’s three-party coalition government.

German Budget Crisis
Habeck is a senior Green party politician, and his brief as economy minister also incorporates Germany’s energy policy, hence his prior plans to visit COP, the Gulf and Israel this week.

Economy and Climate Minister Robert Habeck:

The talks in Berlin are mainly between German Chancellor Olaf Schulz, Economy and Climate Minister Robert Habeck, and Finance Minister Christian Lindner. The current German governing coalition must reach an agreement within the next few days if it wants to pass the 2024 budget before the end of the year.

Political Agreement:

In this regard, a political agreement should be reached in principle. In the cabinet meeting on Wednesday so that adequate time can be left for the parliamentary process. German Economy Minister Habeck said in an interview with ARD television on Sunday evening. He is seeing signs of progress in the negotiations. ” According to him, we are on the verge of an agreement.

When Habeck was ask if this meant that he did not believe. That the government coalition would be able to reach an agreement and reach an agreement. The German minister According to him, “I do not speak for all parties.” However, I believe we are moving forward in a good direction. It is a process that is difficult and can observe.

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