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Germany: Trains have Never been so Late Before

Germany Trains have Never been so Late Before:

Germany trains would not have been delayey. German trains are famous for their punctual arrivals but now they are facing delays.

What is the reason?

Almost half of German rail operator Deutsche Bahn’s high-speed and long-distance trains were delayed in November. According to the newspaper Bild am Sonntag, this is the worst such situation in almost a decade. Nearly half of German rail operator Deutsche Bahn’s (DB) long-distance trains were delayed in November, the worst in eight years, according to German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

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Construction Project

The newspaper report said that almost half of the company’s ICE and IC trains faced delays in November. The newspaper quoted a DB spokesperson as saying that in November, 52 percent of ICE and IC trains reached their destinations on time, while others were delayed. “This is because about 75 percent of long-distance trains are delayed by at least one construction project during their journey,” the spokesman said. Volley trains are not included, as Deutsche Bahn counts these trains on time.

Germany Trains
Two-thirds of the trains were delayed due to construction projects.

DB: Unsatisfactory performance for passengers and company:

The rate of trains reaching their destination on time was 52 percent in November as against 61 percent last November. This rate was 73.2 percent in January this year, which decreased to 63.5 percent in the middle of the year and reached its lowest level in November. A spokesperson for the train company said, “This time restriction does not reflect our standards and does not meet the level of service that our passengers expect from us,” a train company spokeswoman stated. DB further told Blood. ‘Due to many unfinished renovation projects, the company has had to significantly expand its construction operations during the year. 11 percent more construction projects are impacting our services in November than last year.”

The Situation may Worsen:

The German government and DB announced a joint major rail network upgrade in September, to be completed by 2030. But it was also said that trains may face further delays till the work is completed. In addition to this report of train delays due to construction projects, severe weather has also affected rail service this week. Train services have been suspended due to heavy snowfall in southern Germany, especially in the federal state of Bavaria.

Massive Disruption:

Munich’s main train station was closed on Saturday and IC and ICE trains around the city were halted. DB’s website said late on Saturday that the company feared there would be “massive disruption” to rail services in Munich until at least Monday.

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