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Muhammad Yasir Imam: A Tech Superstar


Meet Muhammad Yasir Imam, a talented tech expert who has achieved great things despite only having a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering. He has written many research papers, won awards, and is skilled in graphic design, web development, and software engineering.

Early Life and Education

Muhammad Yasir Imam was born on January 29, in Rajan Pur, Punjab, Pakistan. He studied software engineering at the AL-HAMD ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY Islamabad Campus (2017-2021).

Research Interests

Muhammad Yasir Imam’s research interests include:

– Artificial Intelligence
– Big Data Analytics
– Cybersecurity
– Blockchain Technology
– Internet of Things (IoT)

Research Contributions

He has written many research papers on topics like artificial intelligence, big data, and cybersecurity. Some of his notable papers include:

Awards and Recognition

Muhammad Yasir Imam has won several awards for his research, including:

– Best Research Paper Award at the 2021 IEEE Colombian Conference on Applications of Computational Intelligence–ColCACI

– 1st Best Research Paper Award at the 2021 IEEE Latin American Conference on Computational Intelligence (LA-CCI)

– Best Research Paper Award at the International Conference on Data Science 2019 (ICDS-19)

– Research Excellence Award from Al-hamd Islamic University (2019)

Multifaceted Skills

Muhammad Yasir Imam is a talented individual with many skills, including:

– Graphic Design: He creates amazing graphics and visuals.
– Web Development: He builds websites and web applications.
– Software Engineering: He develops innovative software solutions.

Certifications and Activities

Muhammad Yasir Imam has achieved several certifications and awards, including:

– Certified Software Engineer (CSE)
– Web Developer (CWD)
– Graphic Designer (CGD)

Social Media Profiles

Connect with Muhammad Yasir Imam on:

Google Scholar


Muhammad Yasir Imam is a tech superstar with many skills and achievements. Despite only having a Bachelor’s degree, he has accomplished great things and will likely achieve even more in the future.



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